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Gunfight Is Getting a Mode Makeover on ‘Modern Warfare’

  • Solo and Trio modes await in the future.
  • New Gunfight maps release tomorrow.
  • Revealed by Joe Cecot of Infinity Ward.


Of all the modes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s expansive multiplayer selection, Gunfight has been the most promoting of competition even before the release of the game in October. Currently based around a setup of four players divided into two teams on small maps, the objective of Gunfight is simple. Two teams enter, one team leaves, and they’re all on equal ground with maps and loadouts balanced to the point that it comes down to a matter of skill and reaction time, and of course, as is infamous with any online game, latency can make or break your experience. But pending everyone is running at their best in the match connection wise, it amounts to quick and decisive battles that are the digital equivalent to a high-noon duel in more ways than one.

One thing that players have been asking for off and on though for the mode, were larger lobbies as well as the option to do one on one matches and at a time where Infinity Ward has been quietly working behind the scenes, much to the frustration of many on r/ModernWarfare and game forums across the web, now and then the community gets a morsel of information. This time it came in the form of a reply by one of the minds behind the multiplayer experience for Modern Warfare, Joe Cecot who took a moment of time out of his day to reply to a tweet from a player who asked about a potential for a three versus three variant of Gunfight. In his reply, Joe confirmed that in the future there will be three versus three lobbies but far more importantly, he made it clear than one on one Gunfight matches would be coming too.

At the moment, there is no estimate of when these modes will drop. Tomorrow marks the beginning of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season one which will begin introducing a sizeable amount of new maps, modes, and more including three new maps for Gunfight and variants like On Site Procurement to the existing two versus two style lobbies. With the arrival of season one and all that it entails, Infinity Ward has also left us with the note that over the course of season one more than what was listed for the experience will be released. Could we be seeing new Gunfight lobby sizes in that time? I think it’s safe to say yes, but to try to pin down an exact timeframe at the moment is difficult.


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