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Headcannon Puts New Game on Kickstarter Called ‘Vertebreaker’

  • Aiming to release it by Q3 2021.
  • Demo is available to play.
  • Currently have raised over $10,000.

Headcannon is one of the developers that behind the successful Sonic Mania. They have now announced Vertebreaker via Kickstarter. The campaign goal to fund the new pixel-based side-scroller is $275,000 for release on PC in Q3 2021.

Traversal is key in Vertebreaker as you take control of the bony hero. It’s your job to crush the undead, and the developers want you to look cool while you do it. You’ll slash, bash, and grapple your way through most of the 2D environments. The focus on mobility will allow you to grapple the ledges, midair enemies, and floors. You will build speed the longer you play, and it captures Sonic’s spirit that way.

Headcannon has managed to capture the look and feel of the Sega Genesis. Watching the game in motion brings me back to my childhood. Knowing how great Sonic Mania is, I’m excited to see what they can do with an original concept. If seeing this trailer makes you excited, the developer has several tiers available for support. The first five are as follows:

Pledge $5 or more:

  • Special Thanks!: Your pledge is very much appreciated – your name will be listed in the game’s credits!

Pledge US$ 15 or more:

  • Get the Game!: Receive a digital copy of the game upon release!
  • INCLUDES: Your name in the credits.

Pledge US$ 20 or more:

  • Digital Artbook!: Receive a digital Vertebreaker Artbook!
  • INCLUDES:Receive a digital copy of the game upon release.
  • Your name in the credits.

Pledge US$ 25 or more:

  • Digital Soundtrack!: Receive a digital copy of the Vertebreaker soundtrack!
  • INCLUDES: Receive a digital copy of the game upon release.
  • Your name in the credits.

Pledge US$ 30 or more:

  • Join the Conversation!: Gain access to a private Discord server to chat with other backers and the developers themselves!
  • (Subject to Discord’s maximum simultaneous online user cap and server stability)
  • INCLUDES: Receive a digital Vertebreaker Artbook.
  • Receive a digital copy of the game upon release.
  • Your name in the credits.

If you’d like to support Vertebreaker, you can do more than support them on Kickstarter. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and keep an eye on their official website. This is an all or nothing campaign. This means that the developers have stated that they will only make the game if it reaches its goal of $275,000 by November 30th. If you’d like to try the game before backing it, you can download it here, and here, and even here.