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‘Hearthstone:’ Ragnaros, N’Zoth, and Others Returning to Standard for a Limited Time

  • 23 Wild Cards will return for a limited time event.
  • The event is the start of other more diverse events.
  • Blizzard is also adding a new hero portrait for 1,000 wins.

Blizzard, riding off the high of a successful expansion, is putting a lot more into Hearthstone. They are looking to put a lot more events into the game, and the first of these is fast approaching. Hearthstone is bringing back 23 of its best Wild Cards to be played in standard for a limited time. For those who don’t know, Hearthstone has two primary game modes: Wild and Standard. Standard uses cards from the most recent expansions and classic cards, while Wild lets you use whatever cards you want, including cards in the Hall of Fame.

Not all of the returning cards have been revealed yet, but two of them have fans eager to see what they can do. Ragnaros the Firelord was an incredibly popular character from World of Warcraft who made an appearance as a classic card in Hearthstone before being recently put into the Hall of Fame. Ragnaros allows you to indiscriminately deal eight damage to an enemy every turn, making him very powerful. Another of the revealed cards was N’zoth, the Corruptor. N’zoth relies on your Deathrattle minions, and resummons those who have died this game as a Battlecry. With these two cards returning to Standard, there’s hope that other legendaries, like SylvanAs or Reno Jackson will return for the limited time event.

There are more things coming, on top of this event. There are plans in the works for more diverse and interesting Tavern Brawls, and a special reward for players who manage to hit 1,000 wins on a single class.