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Here and Gone Again: The Nintendo Switch Continues To Evade Buyers

  • While manufacturing continues, demand is hard to meet.
  • Demand has increased for the console as a result of the ongoing pandemic.
  • Switch Lites are easier to find.

Are you an owner of a Nintendo Switch? If so, were you an early adopter or did you pick one up before the pandemic began? If so, you’ll remember that the Nintendo Switch has always been a somewhat difficult console to get your hands on. Compared to the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, often even in better times it seemed like the Nintendo Switch was in short supply. Shortly after the coronavirus outbreak was officially labled a global pandemic though things took a turn, with the slow but steady stream of Nintendo Switch production dropping to a near trickle. 

At first it was a manufacturing issue, impacted in a similar way as to many other factories, but then even as production started to return to normal new buyers seeking the Nintendo Switch console are finding it borderline impossible. As quickly as the console is restocked, they are sold out often within minutes. GameStop restocked the console and once word hit it wasn’t long before customers coming to the site were hit with the loathsome notification that the item wasn’t available online. It’s a similar story with many large websites, including Amazon.

Where have all the Nintendo Switches gone? Of course a number of them end up in the hands of gamers that were seeking them, or parents seeking them as a way for their kids to remain entertained while social distancing is still in effect. But as previously reported, the reseller market is still going incredibly strong with eBay having several listings available far above it’s normal MSRP of $299.99. There truly are those who will never let a crisis go to waste, aren’t there?

If you’re one of the people still trying to get your hands on the Switch and you don’t mind the strictly portable Switch Lite, you may have better luck tracking down one of those although they are starting to become more scarce as well. Try to avoid that eBay urge if you can to save yourself some money.