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How to Install the Brutal DooM Mod

The objective of this article is to provide a guide for the installation of one of the best game mods ever created. Brutal DooM is exactly what it sounds like. This mod modernizes and amplifies the intensity of the original DooM experience. Everything in Brutal DooM is ludicrously extreme, often to the degree that the experience can become comical. Watch this trailer for the mod to become acquainted with what you’ve been missing.

Brutal DooM is a gameplay mod created by a Brazilian programmer known by the alias Sergeant Mark IV. This mod features an insane number of enhancements. While the most noticeable changes are graphical, there are also numerous improvements to gameplay. There are simply too many features to concisely discuss here. This guide will help newcomers discover the gory glory of Brutal DooM. Cue the heavy metal.

Before we proceed any further, I must clarify a few things. This guide presumes that one has access to a Windows PC built sometime in the last decade with decent hardware. Running Brutal DooM is slightly more taxing than running the original release due to the source port requirement we are about to discuss. The source port we will be using is capable of taking full advantage of modern hardware.

In order to play Brutal DooM, you will need the following things.

  • A DooM IWAD: You get this automatically when you own a copy of DooM. I suggest buying a copy from if you don’t already own DooM.
  • A source port: Essentially an enhanced engine for the game to run. We will be using GZDooM for this guide, but there are many other source ports for many differing tastes and needs. Be sure to download the correct build for your system here (either 64 or 32-bit, depending on your PC).
  • The files for Brutal DooM version 21 gold. This is the most recent release.
  • A program to unzip the compressed files if your system lacks one. I use 7-Zip found here.

Installing Brutal DooM is a very simple process. First, you must install your purchased DooM game(s) along with GZDooM. They can be installed spread across your system, as GZDooM will automatically search your system registry to find the IWADs it requires.

Once you’ve installed GZDooM, copy the file location and extract the Brutal DooM file contents into the folder containing GZDooM.

Make sure your file extensions are visible, as you’ll need to identify the brutalv21.pk3 file to use the mod. When you are ready to play, select the .pk3 file and drag it over the gzdoom.exe executable. This will launch GZDooM with the Brutal DooM mod loaded in.

If all steps were followed correctly, you’ll see something like this:

From here, you can select the version of DooM you’d like to play with the Brutal DooM mod. All that is left from here on is to grab your welding helmet and hit play. ExclusivelyGames is not responsible for demonic invasions or melted faces.