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Indian Teens Arrested for Playing ‘PUBG’

  • 10 college students jailed for playing banned game
  • Police confiscated phones to investigate further
  • Political pressure from India against PUBG

In the Indian state of Gujarat, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is considered so dangerous to the youth that it was made illegal. Police commissioner Manoj Agrawal, who banned PUBG on March 6th, said it was responsible for an increase in “violent traits” among those that played it. According to the Hindustan Times, a minister of the Indian state of Goa decried PUBG as “a demon in every house.”

A few days after the ban was made official, police arrested 10 college students who were caught playing PUBG on their phones. One statement from the police report read “Due to these games, the education of children and youth are being affected and it affects the behavior, manners, speech and development of the youth and children.” Another officer claimed that the teens were so absorbed in their game that they didn’t even notice the police approaching them.

The students were released on bail later that same day, but police withheld their phones for further investigation. So far, Gujarat is the only Indian state to ban PUBG. Curiously, Fortnite, another battle royale available for mobile, remains legal in Gujarat.