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Indonesian Horror Game’s Second Coming in the Works

  • Flying low under the radar, DreadOut 2 is in the works.
  • From Indonesian game developer Digital Happiness.
  • Don’t worry DreadOut fans, I remember it exists.


You know, I did some digging around the site and I was surprised to see that we’ve never talked about DreadOut. Seriously? Well making up for lost time, and making it up to any fans of the original, and those waiting on its sequel, we’ve finally acknowledged it here! The original DreadOut was a surprise from Indonesian developer Digital Happiness, and for $14.99 it got a decent amount of jump scares out of me, and it’s looking like DreadOut 2 is going to have that same effect on me, if not moreso.

Currently in development with a release window just slated as 20XX, DreadOut 2 moves the series from a small town haunt to a more urban setting. The main gameplay staple of using a character’s phone as a form of self-defense against ghosts takes center stage once again, and if you’ve ever played Fatal Frame or the original DreadOut, then you know just how terrifying that makes any experience. Holding up a camera gives a feeling of focused threat by giving the player a sort of tunnel vision, condensing the horror right in front of you. When that horror decides to fly at you like some sort of spectral terror just under 50 miles an hour, yeah I’m going to yell if it caught me off guard.

A new addition to the game, however, makes it a more offensive affair with the addition of more traditional melee combat against certain types of enemies. I particularly like the idea of using the phone’s camera flash to stun an enemy and then closing the gap for a kill before it can shake it off and maul you to death. More information from the game’s Steam page below:


  • DreadOut 2 will be utilizing a mixed improved mechanic of our previous DreadOut along with a new combat-oriented mechanic.
  • Banish them all! DreadOut style smartphone ghost hunting is back.
  • Delve deeper in DreadOut supernatural realm with a new combat-oriented mechanic.
  • Fight back and survive further using any available melee weapons throughout Linda’s journey.
  • Battle hideous bosses that roamed in the supernatural realm.


  • Exploration is the heart of DreadOut 2. We want to take another step to enrich our way of non-linear storytelling through different key elements.
  • Explore sleepy Lil’ town, night and day to solve terrifying urban legends that haunt within.
  • Interact with various unique NPCs both human and ghosts, with various locations teeming with their antics.
  • Considerable amount of side quests, hidden stages, and bosses written specifically based on our Asian/Indonesian urban legends.
  • Experience environmental storytelling. Learning about the city nooks and cranny that will guide players in finding an interesting discovery.
  • A huge collection of ghost lore under our Ghostpedia is waiting to be discovered.

With a heavier emphasis on exploration and combat this time around, it looks like DreadOut 2 will appeal to a wider audience without losing what made the original a thrilling horror experience. You can wishlist DreadOut 2 now on Steam, and keep an eye out here for the next time the developer drops an update. The most recent update was a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays message to end 2019, but with a new year underway, I expect we’ll be hearing something in the coming weeks.