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It is Now Illegal to Play PUBG in Nepal

  • Federal investigation authority ordered all PUBG streaming banned.
  • Child safety cited as reason for ban.
  • Zero reported incidents involving PUBG–ban was preemptive. 


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, otherwise known as PUBG, has been made illegal in Nepal as of last Thursday. In a communication with Reuters, the deputy director at Nepal Telecommunications Authority, Sandip Adhikari, said “We have ordered the ban on PUBG because it is addictive to children and teenagers.”

Upon request from the South Asian nation’s federal investigation authority, all internet service providers, mobile operators, and network service providers have blocked streaming of the game. Adhikari clarified that, as of today, there has not been a single reported incident linked to the game, but parents were worried their children would be distracted from schoolwork and chores.

Nepal is not the first to bring legal action against PUBG. Certain states in the neighboring country of India have also banned the game, and even arrested those who continued to play it. This approach to battle royales appears to be intercontinental as well, as even the Duke of Sussex has mentioned wanting to make Fortnite illegal. As in Nepal and India, Prince Harry cited the necessity of restricting certain games for the sake of the children. Which game will invoke the wrath of politicians next depends on which game becomes most popular next. Perhaps these campaigns of restriction will protect the youth from 360 No Scoping one another… after all, there’s nothing that turns kids off from something they like more than being told it’s against the rules.

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