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It’s Time For A Total War: Horus Heresy Game

A piece on where the Warhammer branch of Total War needs to go next.

Creative Assembly pulled me back into the Total War franchise after many years apart from it with Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Warhammer 2. To see the massive RTS battles combined with the politics and tactics of a turn-based overworld applied to a gore-ridden fantasy setting was an awesome change of pace from the Total War games I had played prior. But you know what? Creative Assembly can push it further. The fantasy side of Warhammer still keeps Creative Assembly deep in their comfort zone, mostly due to the fact that most units are still based around melee and simplistic ranged combat. It’s time for them to kick it up a notch, and in so doing attract fans of Warhammer 40k proper.

It’s time to take on the Horus Heresy.

Why start there? Why not the current timelines of 40k?

The Horus Heresy saw entire worlds engulfed in warfare at once. We aren’t talking encounters here and there, we are speaking of a battle for the very souls of the Imperium of Man as the traitor legions led by Horus Luprecal spread the will and might of the gods of Chaos across the galaxy.

During these wars, all the Adeptus Astartes factions were at full legion strengths. Nearly every Primarch had a role to play, and countless major battles became full chapters in the history of mankind. This would be a perfect setting to demonstrate the gameplay mechanics that Total War is known for during battles, but to also expand upon them as ranged combat takes the wheel over melee combat. Trench warfare, rolling armored columns, an expansion on aerial and artillery options. To see the screen shake as a Warlord Titan crests the horizon overlooking a battle of hundreds, if not thousands of soldiers on screen at once.

Apart from gameplay, it would also serve as a way for people to soak up the lore of the war that brought 40k to where it is now outside of the massive library of books, YouTube lore videos, and wiki pages in a more interactive manner.  For example, I want to see the Burning of Prospero play out as I either lead the Space Wolves or defend as the Thousand Sons. To see Leman Russ and Magnus the Red as hero characters fight among the fray as total destruction and bloodshed erupt around them and the marvels in the city of Tizca crumble around them.

The Horus Heresy is just too ripe of an opportunity in the Warhammer 40k storyline not to pursue. Combining it with the formulas developed by Creative Assembly could not only elevate the popularity of both franchises, but allow players to live out the era of the Horus Heresy which would make the lore of the tabletop game hit that much harder. It would state out firmly that these events are more than just interesting backstory, they’re the full unbridled might of the Imperium of Man let loose on itself in one of the most incredible civil wars ever to grace any form of the sci-fi medium. So come on Creative Assembly, throw the fans of both series a bone here. Pursue the deals you need to, and let’s see you make Total War: Horus Heresy more than a gamer’s dream.

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