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‘Jamestown+’ Arriving In December for Nintendo Switch and PC

  • Free update if you own the game already.
  • Arriving on December 12th.
  • No Google Stadia or Xbox One versions.


Developer Final Form Games has announced they will bring their 2015 shoot ‘em up, Jamestown, to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. This updated version will be available on the 12th of December for $17.99. Called Jamestown+, the update will come free to PlayStation 4 owners.

Jamestown+ is set in 17th century British colonial Mars. You and up to three other players can engage in cooperative shoot ‘em up action. You’ll get to witness beautiful pixel art and fantastic orchestral music as you’re immersed in the chaotic action. It’s up to you to protect Britain’s last bastion. Developers have said Jamestown+ features all the intensity and depth of classic arcade shooters, but with the modern twist of deeply-integrated cooperative play.

This has been eight years in the making, and it’s being touted as the definitive remastered version of their debut game. Final Form Games has built Jamestown+ from the ground up to be an exciting experience for all skill levels. The update promises to be friendly to newcomers of the genre, but series veterans can expect new difficulties to master.

Controller freedom has been a priority. The developers claim any controller can be used to play Jamestown+, and to have fun. Controller detection and key rebinding allow you to set the inputs in a more comfortable layout. Whether it’s three keyboards and a mouse, or a flight sim controller, it’ll all work. Not only do the developers encourage it, they’d like to be sent videos of these accomplishments. Some of the added features are as follows:

  • Two all-new, handcrafted levels set on Phobos & Deimos, the moons of Mars.
  • New ships: Brave the horrors of Mars with several powerful new ships and their unique loadouts, including Treason’s powerful fusillades of homing missiles, Ghost’s mighty close-range Excalibur and shadow double, and The Armada, three new configurable characters allow for 36 possible weapon loadouts, allowing players to craft their own playstyle.
  • Countless improvements large and small, including new background & enemy artwork, level layout adjustments, bullet pattern tweaks, and a completely scratch-built user interface.
  • The original soundtrack and sound effects have been carefully remastered for 5.1 surround sound, powered by the all-new Gorilla Audio engine.

I enjoyed my time with Jamestown many years ago, so this new updated version gets me excited to play again. Will you be going back? Are you excited for this update? To stay up to date on Jamestown+, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website.