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‘Kaminazo: Mirai kara no Omoi de’ Releasing this November on Nintendo Switch 

  • Use printed paper as a core foundation to puzzle solving.
  • Arriving on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop November 28th.
  • Will have English language support.


Developer Gift Ten Industry and publisher DelightWorks have announced their paper-based puzzle game Kaminazo: Mirai kara no Omoi de for Nintendo Switch. It’ll launch via the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop on the 28th of November.

One day an envelope from an unknown sender arrives to Tokio. Inside, he finds several old photographs that show a young Tokio and an unknown girl. Tokio is guided by a mysterious girl named Mirai to solve puzzles sent to him by mail. Over time, a hidden truth reveals itself.

Kaminazo: Mirai kara no Omoi de is a puzzle game that uses paper, and it’s intriguing to see in the trailer. Developers have implemented taking notes, folding, and cutting self-printed puzzle paper. This interactivity between using paper to solve game puzzles is unlike anything we normally see. Puzzles shown in the trailer look creative, and I want to see more of the game.

The paper used for puzzles will be distributed through the game’s official website. You’ll be able to print it at home or at your local convenience store. The latter will apply more to Japanese consumers. There are plenty of stages to overcome, and the puzzles use paper as letters, origami, photographs, maps, and leaflets. The art style of the characters and story replicate manga.

The last game developed by Gift Ten Industry was Madorica Real Estate. It’s a different type of escape room that also uses pen and paper. Search for clues, write notes on maps, and use magic to exorcise all the ghosts. Once that’s complete, you can escape. Though Madorica Real Estate doesn’t use paper as prominent as Kaminazo: Mirai kara no Omoi de, but it’s easy to see where the idea began. If you’d like to try Madorica Real Estate, you can pick it up on Steam.

Am I the only one that’s fascinated by Kaminazo: Mirai kara no Omoi de? Has anyone played anything like this? What are some obscure, weird playing, games you would recommend? To stay up to date on Kaminazo: Mirai kara no Omoi de, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter and their official website.