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‘Kandagawa Jet Girls’ Arriving in January, New Trailer Available Now

  • The Mario Kart spin-off you always wanted.
  • Coming to PlayStation 4 this January.
  • Lots of customization options available.


Marvelous announced earlier this year that Kandagawa Jet Girls would be coming to the PlayStation 4 in Japan on January 16 2020. They have now released the first Japanese commercial for their all-girls jet ski racing game. Kandagawa Jet Girls comes from the developers who’ve created the Senran Kagura and Valkyrie Drive series. It will be interesting to see if Sony’s new policies will affect the title in any way.

Artist Hanaharu Naruko is the designer behind the girls in the game, and the story centers around a coming of age drama between them. Each girl is different; they all have their own reasons for competing, and it’s through racing one another in jet ski competition that they meet each other and strengthen their bonds between them. If you find the concept interesting, this was based off an anime.

As the jet skis get going, you’ll have to strategically balance between acceleration and turning as you maneuver through the courses. Each jet ski will have two girls and each one has their role to play as you control them simultaneously. The girl at the front controls the jet ski itself and the girl at the back will take hold of the various weapons at your disposal. Kandagawa Jet Girls takes place in a fictional futuristic version of Tokyo.

When it comes to modes, Kandagawa Jet Girls has a healthy selection to choose from. You have the Story Mode that focuses on protagonist Rin Namiki and it differs from the anime, where each rival girl plays a lead role. Free Mode allows you to race against the CPU and take on time attack challenges, these challenges come with online leaderboards. Online Mode allows you to race against four other players online. It comes in both casual and ranked modes, ranked of course has its own leaderboards as well.

Kandagawa Jet Girls has tons of customization options for players to enjoy. In the locker room, you can change the girls to your specifications with over 60 costumes available. Customization includes things like changing the girl’s hairstyle and color, skin tone, and your able to adjust the positions of several accessories until it’s what you want. The jet skis can also be customized with over 50 parts to choose from, you’ll be able to make it perform exactly how you want. Wrappings, decals, and effects while it’s in motion can also be altered and changed.

If you’ve ever dreamed about racing anime girls in jet skies across a futuristic Tokyo, you may not find a better chance than this. To stay up to date with Kandagawa Jet Girls, makes sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website.