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‘Kandagawa Jet Girls’ Details New Modes

  • Still coming this January.
  • Currently only for PlayStation 4.
  • Jet sky racing with Mario Kart mechanics.

The last time we saw Kandagawa Jet Girls, Marvelous had provided a new trailer, and a release date of January 16th 2020. We’ve now received new information and screenshots for their water racing game. These are the same developers who’ve brought us classics such as Senran Kagura and Valkyrie Drive. Kandagawa Jet Girls is currently only releasing for PlayStation 4.

You can perform different tricks by using jump ramps found on each course. There are many benefits for performing these actions, such as having your speed increased, filling up your E.P.D. gauge, temporary invincibility, and more. Each character and team have their own tricks, and you can activate different ones by changing their arrangements. The E.P.D. gauge is required for boosts and special techniques.

In additional to your assault rifle, you’ll be able to obtain other weapons and items by picking up item boxes scattered around the course. It’s very similar to how Mario Kart does it. Kandagawa Jet Girls has eight different weapon types to choose from. You’ll find your standard fare here, such as sniper rifles, shotguns, and twin handguns. Play across eight original courses, and they will change based on difficulty and time of day.

Aside from racing, there are four mini-games to enjoy. Playing these sub-games will help you accumulate points to purchase costumes and machine parts. The first of these is Jet Machine Washing. Across the screen you’ll have buttons displayed, and you’ll have to press them in that order within a certain amount of time. Mopping sees you move the character left and right while avoiding traffic cones, and while mopping up puzzles of water.

Running Machine sees the player mash buttons while the character runs on a treadmill. While running, you’ll try to successfully catch hearts and stars that fly onto the screen. You can make it more hectic when increasing the difficulty, and this has you balance collecting and keeping the character on the machine. Air Real has you maneuver the jet sky through rings to earn points. Like story mode, you’ll be able to perform tricks to get higher points.

Kandagawa Jet Girls has yet to see any effects of Sony’s new policies. For those of you who love these types of games, why? For someone who has never played games in this sub-genre, where should they start? To stay up to date on Kandagawa Jet Girls, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website.