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‘Kill la Kill: IF’ Version 1.04 Out Now

  • Patch available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.
  • Balance patches and new character added.
  • No word on when the Switch will get patched.

Arc System Works is always hard at work on creating different types of fighting games for gamers to enjoy. Earlier this summer they published Kill la Kill: IF for developer A+ Games. It was released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. Now, version 1.04 has been released and brings with it some changes to the game and added content. The Nintendo Switch version has yet to receive the patch and there is no indication as to when it will.

The first major part of this update is the inclusion of a new playable fighter across all versus modes and the gallery section. Nudist Beach D.T.R. has two characters sharing a battle mech suit and is based off of what was done in the anime. Fans who have purchased the game will be happy with the addition of a new character because the base game only launched with eight, ten if you could the variants to Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin.

The ranking system has also been addressed in this patch. The algorithm on the ways that rankings are displayed have been addressed. The entire roster has been rebalanced to account for the new character and to fix issues that have been plaguing the game since launch. Those of us who have been playing the game will find that this patch will make the game better. Some exploits and tactics that some are used to abusing, may have to find a new strategy. You can read all about the patch notes here.

Since the release of Kill la Kill: IF, A+ Games and Arc System Works have confirmed that the game would continue to get support, we just don’t know how much support. What we do know is that there is still one more additional fighter set to make their way to the roster some time this year, and that’s Ryuko’s friend Mankanshoku. Those who are familiar with the series know how adorable and hilarious the character is and it’ll be interesting to see how she’s adapted to the game.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kill la Kill, it’s a very popular anime that has some of the best fighting animations in any show. If you’re not familiar with the show, you’ll want to watch the 26 episode anime before you play the game. Kill la Kill: IF expects you to have prior knowledge of the story because you’ll have to play the story mode to unlock characters and the other modes. The investment is worth it. Yes, the roster is small but every character is unique and different from each other.

As someone who enjoyed the anime and loves fighting games, Kill la Kill: IF is definitely worth investing your time into. To stay up to date with the game and to know what content is coming, and when, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website. If you’d like to pick up the game, you can try a free demo on the PlayStation store here or buy it on Steam here.

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  1. Kill la Kill IF was such a missed opportunity. It should’ve been a hack and slash game featuring Satsuki and Ryuko and instead we got this generic imbalanced arena fighter with some severe lack of content. I may try the new characters when they come out on Switch, but that’s about it.

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