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‘Langrisser I & II’ Getting Demo This Month

  • Play a few chapters of each on February 20th.
  • Full release still arriving on March 17th.
  • Get extra goodies that carry over to the full release.


The excitement for Langrisser I & II is at an all time high, as the titles are close to releasing on the 17th of March on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. To give players a taste of this magnificent remaster, NIS America have announced that there will be a demo for Langrisser I & II on the PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop, which you can start playing on the 20th of February.

The demo will allow players to experience chapters 1 – 3 of the first Langrisser, while you’ll get to play chapters 4 – 6 on Langrisser II. Both demos will allow you the option to switch back and forth between remastered graphics and art styles, as well as the classics many grew up with. Your saved data from the demo will allow you to receive an extra 5,000 gold and 2 CP when you start up the full release. A special thank you to Gematsu for covering the news first.

If you’re unfamiliar with Langrisser I & II, they’re a pair of strategy RPGs that found a following when they released back in the 90s. The first follows the forces of darkness as they descend upon the kingdom of Baldea. You play as Prince Ledin, and must rid the kingdom of darkness. Langrisser II has you thrown in between warring factions. This time, Elwin is the hero, and he must navigate the war to determine what is the true path to peace. The features of this remaster are as follows:

  • A Blade Honed to Perfection – Experience two classic titles with new visuals, music, localization, and a new character with new story choices.
  • Legendary Legions – Expanded character options across two games allow you to command 33 playable characters and customize them with 50 unique classes.
  • Forge Your Path – Your greatest weapon is choice. Your decisions result in any one of 22 story endings and 560 character outcomes across both titles.
  • Modernizing a Timeless Tale – Perfectly re-tuned gameplay for a modern SRPG feel.
  • Langrisser and Alhazard – Two legendary swords, two legendary tales—brought back to life with new localization and a new character!

Are you excited for the Langrisser I & II demo? Will you play, or wait for the full release? What other classic titles being remastered are you looking forward to? I think I’m going to wait for the full release, but the extra goodies for playing the demo are enticing. To stay up to date on Langrisser I & II, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and their official website.