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Latest ‘Days Gone’ Update Is a Goldmine of Goodies

  • A number of fixes and improvements.
  • Ability to reset hordes and more.
  • Death Stranding customization options for Deacon’s bike now available.

The developers at Bend Studios just keeping pushing out update after update for the open-world zombie apocalypse game Days Gone that released back in April. Over the months, quality of life tweaks and new additions have brought a fun game to a continuously elevating, next-level experience that has kept me coming back repeatedly since its release. The last major update finally brought New Game Plus, as well as two new difficulties to make the game a more difficult experience with or without the benefits of a HUD for assistance.

A new update is looking to increase the replayability factor even more by appealing to those who have maybe fully completed the experience but don’t want to go through the entire game all over just yet. Once players have completed certain aspects of the game in their entirety, they can reset the activity of their choice to start things fresh. For example, take the Freaker hordes that roam the countrysides or lurk in the remains of old factories and townships. It can take hours to clear them all out, even once you have the ability to track them down. But the thing is, once they’re gone, the regions feel far safer but almost detrimentally. 

Once the Hordes are gone, you’ve lost a massive chunk of gameplay. Now, you can restore them so they can populate your map once more and possibly give you a heart attack once you round a corner on your bike and smack right into them. This feature will also apply to Ambush Camps and Infestation Zones, which will ultimately bring the map back to feeling more alive as a whole, which was the only downside to fully completing Days Gone before. The more you do, the less the map feels like it’s alive–less humans, less Freakers, less danger in general. So ultimately this is a change welcome to everyone.

Another major part of the update is actually a love letter to Hideo Kojima fans, as Bend Studio has put in a nod to Death Stranding in the form of new customization options for Deacon’s motorcycle, including replacing the gas tank with your very own BB Pod. Yeah, it looks creepy and awesome at the same time. Aside from the major aspects of the update are various tweaks and changes, which you can find below:

General Fixes

  • General improvements to stability and optimization has been added
  • Various Crash Fixes
  • General audio adjustments
  • The ammo counter should now display as intended in certain challenges
  • The UI should remain shown(?) as intended during bike chases
  • Infestation nests should repopulate properly if the player is killed
  • The weapon stats at the merchant should show the correct stats for each weapon
  • In New Game+, the skill “Up The Ante” will now provide more ammo capacity for 6MM on the BND-150
  • The challenge “Reloaded” score has been adjusted
  • Certain trophy progress should transfer over correctly when starting New Game+
  • A specific character has finished their work at Cloverdale Research Facility and has made their way to Iron Mike’s

Known issues with Patch 1.6

  • For the mission “Nothing But Ease”, the helicopter lights are not showing properly