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Leaked Noctilith Crown Rules, New Chaos Space Marines, Havocs and Terminators

It has been a very long time coming, and there has been a demand that was constantly visible in the comments section of every Games Workshop post online, but after an extremely long wait, the Chaos Space Marines are finally getting new plastic miniatures. Fall on your knees in supplication, the dark Gods have listened to your prayers!

As you’re likely already aware, the dark Legions are spilling out into real-space once again with Abaddon the Despoiler at their head, crusading across the known stars, wreaking havoc on all inhabited worlds, be they Xenos or Human in the nature of their populace.

At the beating heart of every Chaos Space Marine Legion is the basic Chaos Space Marine. Now returning to the tabletop with new plastic kits, these are designed with customization in mind. They also have interchangeability with other Space Marines (not Primaris Marines, mind you.). The Warhammer Community page mentions that you might, “mix in Mk III armour to make some Iron Warriors, or stir in parts from a Tactical Squad to make some more recent renegades.”

This new kit, as expected, contains enough pieces to build 10 Chaos Space Marines with all the usual included extra, so expect Bolters and special weapons, or Bolt Pistols and melee weapons. Also included are the usual plasma gun, flamer, meltagun, heavy bolter and missile launcher upgrade pieces.

There are pieces enough to turn two of the ten Chaos Space Marines into Aspiring Champions, meaning two squads of four Chaos Space Marines being led by an Aspiring Champion each is viable from one box. You’ll also find a handy Chaos icon in the box.

Given the customizable nature of these new CSMs, this set is fully compatible with the new Chaos Space Marine Havocs.

Oh yes, Havocs are getting the good treatment too!

For those that aren’t aware, the Havocs are, “the dedicated heavy weapon specialists of the Chaos Space Marines, able to lay down punishingly accurate firepower even on the move to support their traitor kin.”

If you need a big gun, you need a Havoc squad, and their new kit is brimming with choices, with each kit providing you enough pieces to build a full squad of five. In regards to your heavy weapon choices, the only reason the Havocs really exist, you’ll be getting two missile launchers, two heavy bolters, two lascannons and two autocannons.

But Games Workshop, ever trying to get more money out of your pocket, has included only one of the best weapons per box. Indeed, you’ll only get one Reaper Chaincannon per Havoc squad kit.

Lastly, to further beef up your ranks of Traitors, we have newly updated Chaos Terminators.

The pondering slabs of chaos enriched tactical dreadnought armour have become more threatening than ever, even though we don’t know too much about them. At the time of writing, GW are being rather tight lipped about the elite veterans, but what we do know for now is that the kit has been entirely reposed, the new pauldrons appear to be scaled differently in comparison to the older kit, and the chain fist has been reworked significantly. Further to this, the tusks mounted on Chaos Terminator helmets have been altered, the sergeant has a Combi-Plasma weapon and there’s also a Power Sword.

As the infernal wars of chaos continue, the Noctilith Crown has found a place for itself upon the most blighted worlds, amplifying the psychic abilities of those near it thanks to the highly warp attuned Blackstone nature of this construct. Baleful sigils thin the veil that divides real-space form the warp and let the roiling energies sally forth, aiding chaotic allies while impeding xenos and loyalists.

The Noctilith Crown is capable of lashing out at nearby enemies on its own, with a 6” D6 S7 -2AP 2D attack, but its true strength rests with its abilities.

When a Psyker manifests a Psychic power, they suffer Perils of the Warp on a Double 1 or Double 6 result after rolling two D6. When they are within the “Malevolent Locus” of the Noctilith Crown, they suffer Perils of the Warp on any double result after rolling two D6, significantly increasing the risk. Chaos aligned Psykers however, are not threatened by this ability.

The Loathsome Aura of the Noctilith Crown seeps outwards, spreading like a miasma of chaotic powered pestilence. When Chaos aligned units are within 6” of the Crown, they gain a +5 invulnerable save and friendly Chaos Psykers can re-roll their Psychic tests, greatly amplifying their lethality. At the beginning of the second and third battle rounds, this aura extends its reach by 3”, meaning in the second battle round it will have an aura of 9” and by the third round, an aura of 12”.

The Unstable Energies of the Noctilith Crown are spiteful, and will maim anyone who is too close at the time of its destruction. When it’s reduced to 0 wounds, the Noctilith Crown detonates and any unit with 6” of it must roll a D6. For each 6 rolled, that unit suffers D6 Mortal Wounds.

Truly, it’s a good time to be Chaotic.

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