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‘Liftoff: Drone Racing’ Coming to Consoles

  • Will release this year.
  • Playable at PAX East 2020.
  • Will bring new features not on PC.


Developer LuGus Studios and publisher Astragon Entertainment have announced that their drone racing simulator Liftoff: Drone Racing will be releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in 2020. The title originally released on PC via Steam back in September of 2018. If you find yourself at PAX East 2020, you’ll be able to play the title between the 27th of February to the 1st of March in Boston.

The decision to bring Liftoff: Drone Racing to consoles from PC, comes from the success the title found on Steam. This success was what encouraged Astragon Entertainment to want to partner with Belgian developer LuGus Studios. The developers promise to bring new features to the console versions, but gave no further details, instead telling everyone to wait for announcements later this year.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the exciting and fast-paced world of drone racing, Liftoff: Drone Racing is the title you’ve been waiting for. Mastery of the drone is important, because you’ll be able to test these skills online against other FPV pilots in what is sure to be nerve-wracking races. The developers will allow players to build and test the drones of their dreams. There are countless original licensed frames, various original parts, and other items that can be customized to fit your needs. Other features that made the PC release enjoyed are as follows:

  • DRONE LOVE FOR EVERYONE: We want to open up the FPV racing experience to everyone. Liftoff is a game for everyone, from FPV racing veterans to gamers who want to take their first digital steps in the drone racing scene.
  • SIMULITIOUS!: Liftoff features realistic drone physics, recommended by top drone pilots in the world. Flying a drone in the game feels so real, you’ll forget it isn’t.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: The drone community is full of creative minds and technological tinkerers. Accordingly, Liftoff has tools to customize your drones and to create custom race tracks.
  • EXPANDING PLATFORM: We’ll continuously develop the game and keep adding more content and features as long as the community supports them. We are always interested to hear your ideas!
  • HARDWARE SUPPORT (PC): Liftoff supports the use of FPV goggles and a wide range of remotes to further blur the line between the game experience and the real world.
  • IMPORTANT NOTES (PC): A gamepad or dedicated R/C controller are required to play Liftoff!

How do you feel about drone racing simulation titles? Is this a genre you enjoy? What are some aspects that you enjoy most from drone racing? To stay up to date on Liftoff: Drone Racing, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website.