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Logitech Acquires Streamlabs OBS and its Development Team

  • Streamlabs OBS is one of the top pieces of software for live streaming.
  • Logitech has been acquiring various streaming peripheral companies for some time.
  • Logitech most notably acquired Blue, the popular microphone brand.

Logitech is becoming an unstoppable streaming empire. They are most well known in the space for acquiring brands like ASTRO Gaming and Blue Microphones, but now they have taken it a step forward. In a press release, Logitech announced that they were acquiring Streamlabs, the company behind Streamlabs OBS, for $89 Million.

Streamlabs OBS, for those unfamiliar with the brand, is a massively successful all-in-one service for live streaming. It allows you to connect to many different live streaming platforms and has easy integration for things like donation goals, chat messages, and much more. The service was also completely free, and has been continually growing to try and make the life of a live streamer easier and easier.

For the perspective of Logitech, there’s no one else you’d want to acquire. The company has been slowly collecting live streaming and gaming brands, picking up ASTRO Gaming and Blue Microphones, two staples in the content creator/streamer space. From Streamlabs perspective, it’s equally as reasonable. In a statement, CEO of Streamlabs Ali Moiz said:

When my brother Murti and I founded Streamlabs our goal was to enable streamers to pursue their passion while making a living. Now that we’re part of the Logitech family, we’ll be able to take this so much further with their reach, resources and expertise.

What does this mean for Streamers? Nothing changes. We will continue to support multiple platforms, all hardware and software services that we support today (and more in the future). Our tools will remain free and open. The extended Logitech family — Logitech G, ASTRO Gaming and Blue Microphones — will help us build more awesome stuff together.

So, we are left with two companies joining together in order to make live streaming a better, more accessible platform for all. It certainly sounds like Streamlabs is eager to have the resources of a powerhouse like Logitech behind them, but what they do with it is yet to be seen.