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‘Mafia Trilogy’ Restores a Classic

  • The original Mafia has never looked better.
  • Teased briefly, further details leaked by Microsoft.
  • Full ‘official’ Reveal May 19th.

All the speculation finally came to a head. Months of rumors, trademark trails, and a sudden revival of the official Mafia Twitter account only a few short days ago has come to the big reveal of Mafia Trilogy. Or rather, it at least lead to the announcement via a short teaser and the promise of new things to come next week. The short teaser, seen below, does show some graphical improvements across Mafia 2 and 3, but the most important part of the trailer actually comes in the first few seconds. Can you spot the difference in the lineup?


It goes by so quickly that it’s easy enough to mistake the opening seconds as the earlier decade in Mafia II’s story arc. However, it was clear to see that the make of the car was far too early (not to mention the voice acting was clearly not Vito Scaletta). 1930’s early. We saw our first look at 2002’s Mafia remade for the modern day. While the name implies that Mafia was coming along for the ride as it was, there were a lot of people wondering if Mafia was going to be released in its original form. I’d say that’s an early good sign of an upgrade when an old game is mistaken for an entirely new one. I mean, look how night and day this is. If you thought the graphical upgrade on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1&2 was amazing, this is just a visual feast.

More details on the Mafia Trilogy will be revealed on May 19th, however, our friends at Microsoft did spill some information including what sounds like the ability to buy all three games separately. While the page has since been taken down, a store page for Mafia: Definitive Edition revealed an August 28th release date, a number of screenshots, and the reveal that the story, gameplay, and musical score have all been expanded upon. I wonder if that means the return of Lordz of Brooklyn’s “Lake of Fire” in the credits? Talk about a song that sticks with you during an outro. Below you can find the rest of the screenshots for the upcoming Mafia remake, and on May 19th we’ll revisit Mafia Trilogy as a whole as more information is released.

I don’t want to dive too far into spoiler territory for anyone who hasn’t already been on the thrill ride that is the original Mafia, but my favorite screenshot here appears to depict an iconic mission from the game in which protagonist Tommy Angelo is at ground zero of a bloody ambush on a bistro in Lost Heaven. What was already an intense mission in 2002 looks like it’s been elevated to a tense life-and-death conveying situation with thick smoke, blazing flames, and the overcoated mobsters strolling in with their “Tommy” guns raised.

It’s not clear the extent Mafia 2 and 3 have received special treatment beyond their graphical presentation being a bit improved, but it’s clear from the start that Mafia: Definitive Edition is here to steal the show.