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Magic: The Gathering – Where Does The Story Go After War of the Spark?

A tale that has been in the making for decades is finally reaching its completion. As War of the Spark arrives, Nicol Bolas has put his master plan into action, and has begun what can only be described as an almost complete genocide of the Planeswalkers who have been trapped on the plane of Ravnica. Using The Elderspell and the Eternals, his soul-harvesting zombie Dreadhorde from Amonkhet, Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God has begun his return to the Godhood that he lost generations ago when he aided other planeswalkers in the Mending in order to prevent the multiverse from being totally unraveled into nothing. It’s going to be a wild ride, and while we’ve gotten a glimpse into what will follow Bolas’s war against Ravnica, we do not know fully what the state of the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse will be following this latest set.

Let’s start with what we know, the most basic points of knowledge. We know that the recent string of Chandra comics, published by IDW, take place after War of the Spark, and showcase three of the surviving planeswalkers: Tibalt, Ajani, and Chandra Nalaar. This means, out of the at least 37 planeswalkers we know appeared on Ravnica during the conflict, three of them manage to escape with their sparks and their lives.

But what of the others; what of Bolas?

There are instances within the comics where readers see Chandra have nightmares of the tragedy that befell Ravnica, which we now know is the usage of the Elderspell and the deaths of Planeswalkers around him at the hands of his Eternal Dreadhorde. Later, in various scenes, she is haunted by Bolas’s claims that she, although she fashions herself as a hero, brings nothing but fiery destruction.

One thing the comics manage to avoid is the actual outcome of the invasion of Ravnica. Chandra remembers the events as a horrific tragedy, and at one point reflects on those they lost, but once again avoids naming names. What comes next, then? Ravnica surely lays in great ruin, devastated by the Dreadhorde and the Elderspell and the conflict surrounding all of it. We only just left Dominaria, Innistrad, Zendikar, Kaladesh, and Ixalan, so where else do we have to go? One of the popular theories is that the story may return to Theros, the Greek/Roman styled plane. This would allow for the return of popular planeswalker Elspeth, who has been trapped in the underworld of Theros for some time.

Another possibility is returning to somewhere like Kamigawa, a plane which has been neglected for some time, likely due to the disastrous Kamigawa sets. The reason people have their sights set here is the return of the planeswalker Tamiyo into the public eye. Tamiyo appeared first in Innistrad as a planeswalker from Kamigawa who traveled to other planes to record stories from the foreign lands. Tamiyo would not resurface proper until Shadows over Innistrad, where she was observing Avacyn’s madness until she was convinced by Jace to take up arms against the angel, and almost died in the process. Now, Tamiyo is trapped on Ravnica, forced to fight after she desired only to observe the goings-on of Ravnica. Something significant happening to her would be the perfect excuse to return to Kamigawa, and the perfect chance for Wizards to redeem themselves after their last excursion there.

Lastly, an incredibly popular theory is a return to New Phyrexia, Mirrodin. The plane was created by the planeswalker Karn, and has been corrupted by the Glistening Oil, a substance used by the horrific machine-organisms known as the Phyrexians. The Phyrexians have been attempting to spread totally throughout the multiverse, which was aided by Karn, who unknowingly carried some of the Glistening Oil inside him. He left small amounts on every plane he went to, including the plane he created, Argentum, later renamed Mirrodin after Memnarch, the first to be corrupted by the oil. The key connection point to Mirrodin is the relation that Tezzeret has to the plane and to the Phyrexians. Tezzeret, who has existed for quite awhile in Magic lore, was present on Mirrodin when the five Praetors moved to crown a new Machine Father/Machine Mother of the Phyrexians, but it has never been officially declared who ascended to that role.

What we do know, however, is that Tezzeret has something that the Phyrexians have developed and desired for total control of the Multiverse, a Planar Bridge that allows for the transfer of dead or non-organic materials across planes. If Tezzeret were ever to reignite a full extra-planar Phyrexian invasion, or if Bolas succeeds in his quest to become the Dragon-God and thinks he can do what he pleases, New Phyrexia would be the place to go. Furthermore, if Wizards of the Coast wanted to go back to New Phyrexia eventually, it wouldn’t hurt to also go and pick up Elspeth from the underworld of Theros, as she was one of the major members of the Mirrodin Resistance, alongside fan favorites like Koth, who fought the Phyrexians when they emerged on Mirrodin.

Where do you think the Magic story is headed? What do you think we will see after such a game-changing set like War of the Spark?

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