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Manipulate Time In Strategic RPG ‘Iron Danger’

  • Pick it up on March 25th.
  • Coming to PC first, consoles later.
  • A mix of nordic mythology, steampunk, and tech noir.


Developer Action Squad Studios and publisher Daedalic Entertainment have announced that their tactical RPG action title Iron Danger is expected to release on the 25th of March for PC via Steam. There are PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions scheduled to release, but more information will come at a later date.

Iron Danger, along with its time manipulation mechanic, mixes the tactical depth of turn-based titles with that of the action of real-time games. This combination the developers hope will create an experience not found in other titles. Iron Danger takes players to a war-torn world that finds inspiration by mixing nordic mythology, steampunk, and tech noir. It’s your job to save the city of Kalevala, but to do so you’ll need to find companions to aid you.

Iron Danger will put you into the shoes of Kipuna, as an army of Northlanders invade her village. Kipuna is mortally wounded, but is saved by a mysterious crystal creature that provides her the ability to rewind time. With these newly received powers, Kipuna can manipulate the fourth dimension and allow players to turn back time up to five seconds. This will allow players to change the future, and fix their mistakes.

In terms of gameplay, players will be able to dodge, block, and maneuver themselves out of attacks that were going to hit them without error. It’s up to the player to strategically position themselves on the battlefield. You will need to choose and time your attacks, heal yourself, and study enemy movements. This will give traditional tactical combat a puzzle-like experience. There are plenty of opportunities to test out new approaches, and to discover what’s the best strategy for every situation. Other features are as follows:

  • Master unique time-rewind mechanics and experience a new take on tactical combat, fusing the best aspects of real-time and turn-based systems.
  • Utilize highly interactive environments to gain an advantage over your enemies and succeed against impossible odds.
  • Adventure into a world of steampunk fantasy, meeting unique inhabitants inspired by Finnish folklore.
  • Fight epic boss monsters on the path to fulfill your destiny.
  • No grinding! Character progression is balanced throughout your journey.
  • 15-plus hours of gameplay.

Iron Danger does look different from most titles available. The RPG aspects of it excited me, and I’m eager to mess around with the time manipulation mechanic. What are your thoughts of Iron Danger? Are you interested in it? What’s the best time manipulation mechanic in gaming? To stay up to date on Iron Danger, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website.