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‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Crams a Lot Into This New Trailer

  • It’s been a while since we had some new Avenger’s news.
  • See the team of superheroes showing off their moves.
  • Don’t get too excited; it’s still not quite there yet.


Avengers assemble! Or rather, everyone interested in Marvel’s Avengers assemble, because a new trailer has dropped. After a recently announced delay that has pushed the upcoming co-op superhero title from May to September, fans have been left wanting for anything they can get their hands on. This new trailer may sate the appetite of some, but for others you may notice that despite much of the footage being new we aren’t really treated to much in the way of new abilities on display.


Captain America and Miss Marvel steal the show for drastically different reasons, which we’ll get into shortly, but the rest of the team gets their moments to shine throughout the trailer as well. Thor channels the power of Mjolnir and knocks some heads around; Hulk smashes through whatever is in his path, Black Widow… well, she has a chain move right now. I’m not as fluent on her character as I probably should be but I don’t remember a chain attack in the comic or film adaptations. Iron Man gets the least screen time, but we do get a look at him maneuvering through the reach of a giant mech, so that was pretty entertaining.

So what about Miss Marvel and Captain America? Miss Marvel seems to be showing up as an unexpected brawler, an alternative to the Hulk as the footage shown of her seems like she’s absolutely decimating on par with The Hulk with her abilities to enlarge her fists like giant wrecking balls. It’s clear that the idea is still for Miss Marvel to take center stage as the ‘newest’ member of The Avengers within the context of the game. 

The big headscratcher, though, is the continued appearance of Captain America. From the start it’s been implied that Captain America meets his end trying to stop a cataclysmic event, they even seemingly seal his fate with a statue in his honor. It’s his death, and the public fallout that follows in the aftermath of the Avenger’s failure that sets the stage for the rest of the game. So why do we still see gameplay snippets of him even now? Is the Captain actually still alive? I’m assuming so at some point early on The Avengers will recover Captain and get the gang back together. Furthermore, anyone who’s been worried about a lack of the First Avenger can rest easy on that because it seems further backed up by the fact Captain is getting his own alternate costumes as well. 

Now the only pressing question that remains is will Marvel’s Avengers live up to the pedigree put in place by the other heavy-hitting superhero games in the gaming world? Afterall it’s coming into an environment that has been enjoying the Batman Arkham series for years and then the absolute homerun that was Spider-Man in 2018. Right now it’s still looking a bit on the standard side, but hopefully we’ll get some more polished footage within the next few months to put concerns at ease. What’re your thoughts on Marvel’s Avengers so far?