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‘MedarotS: Unlimited Nova’ Arriving in January 

  • Japanese players pick it up on January 23rd.
  • Pre-registration available now via Google Play Store.
  • Customize your robot.


Publisher Imagineer has announced that the first smartphone version of Medarot, titled MedarotS: Unlimited Nova, will release on iOS and Android on the 23rd of January 2020 in Japan. This three versus three command robot battles is available for pre-registration via the Google Play Store here.

Players will find a ton of customization options available in MedarotS: Unlimited Nova, and an original game score that adds another layer to the familiar three versus three command battle system. Long time fans will get to experience an all original story, and characters from the past series will be able to participate. New players can jump right in without any prior knowledge. There are plenty of parts and medals to collect in many different ways, and their compatibility is based on your character’s role. The correct composition is vital to implementing your strategy.

MedarotS: Unlimited Nova brings new training functions to the series, and this will allow you to train with your favorite parts. The Command Battle System works as follows:

  • Three-versus-three robot battles.
  • When you select an option based on each part, the medarot that receives the instruction will start running.
  • When the central active line is reached, the technique is activated!
  • The victory condition is to destroy the head part of the opponent’s leader medarot!
  • Proceed through the original quest unique to this game using your own medarot!

The Medarots are friendly robots that have been developed by Medarotsha. Medarots are comprised of four parts: the head, right arm, left arm, and leg, to the tympet, which is the framework, and incorporating the medal that becomes the brain. These robots possess a level of intelligence and intention that is often equal to or greater than humans. Have you played any entry in the series? What are your thoughts about this entry?

If you’re unfamiliar with Medarot, it’s an RPG franchise that’s been developed by Natsume. It debuted in Japan back in 1997, and the main series focuses on collecting and battling with the robots. The series gets much of its inspiration from Nintendo’s Pokémon franchise and Square-Enix’s Front Mission series. The majority of the titles have been released on Nintendo’s consoles, which include the Game Boy family, GameCube, and the DS and 3DS handhelds.

Fans of the series, how do you feel about this new entry being a mobile game? What’s something you’d like to see happen to this series? Newcomers, has MedarotS: Unlimited Nova won you over? To stay up to date, make sure to follow the developers on their official website.