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Meet ‘Mr. Prepper.’ His Neighbors Must HATE Him

  • A safe home is a happy home.
  • One man’s descent into madness, or into survival?
  • Community concerns over delays and lack of a release date.


You know, I grew up in a very different era from my parents. Hearing them talk about hiding under desks in Kindergarten as part of atomic-bomb drills is a trip, and it always blows my mind that was even a thing. The concept of nuclear annihilation was a very real fear for folks back then, even with the idea of nuclear deterrence ultimately keeping east and west from wiping each other off the map. A positive of that age of fear is definitely all the entertainment media we got in the aftermath, specifically in the gaming world. We know Fallout, we know Wasteland, and dozens, if not hundreds, of one-off titles over the years have explored a world after nuclear fires have wiped away civilization.

But you know what we don’t have enough of? Prepping games. Games that explore the idea of a nuclear attack well before the bombs actually fall, and that’s where Mr. Prepper comes in. Mr. Prepper is an indie doomsday preparation simulator being developed by Rejected Games Sp. z o.o. and published by PlayWay S.A. in which players will be tasked with making a perfect survival shelter for after the bombs destroy life as we know it on the surface. The gameplay plays out from a side-scrolling perspective, letting you zoom in and out as you work on your underground lair and look at your progress.

While many of the facilities you can build are practical ones, like places to sleep, eat, wash up, and even blow off some steam, there are more outlandish ones as well. As you can see in the gif, Mr. Prepper has found it appropriate to even start building a single-man rocket to escape the world that will come. Mark that down as a terrible idea, because once you get to space, then what? Stay in your bunker Mr. Prepper, death in the atmosphere or a slower death in space isn’t worth it.

In addition to the financial perils that come with turning your home’s basement into a war-time paradise, you’ll also have to watch out for rodents and critters deep beneath the surface. But the threats don’t stop there, as government officials will stop by off and on, and if they find out what you’re up to they’re likely to throw you in prison. No, that prison won’t be subsurface, so the nukes will end up vaporizing you, and all your effort for survival was for nothing.

It looks like it could shape up to be a pretty exciting game when it’s ready. However, delays, no new window for release, and slow communication from the developers have the waiting community uneasy from a quick glance at the discussion tab under the community for the game. I understand developers wanting to play their cards close to the chest, but I also understand players wanting a new update about the game especially after being delayed already. If you want to wishlist Mr. Prepper on Steam you can check it out now, but you may be waiting a while on this one, sadly.