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‘Metal Max Xeno: Reborn’ Gets Trailer and New Information

  • Still coming this winter for Japan.
  • Information on some gameplay mechanics.
  • Adorable puppy with machine gun attached harness.


Kadokawa Games announced earlier this month that they were committed to revitalizing the Metal Max franchise. Metal Max Xeno was said to be getting a remaster, titled Metal Max Xeno: Reborn, and that a sequel called Metal Max Xeno Reborn 2 would be following shortly after its release. A prequel entry was coming with no official name, simply being referred to as Code Zero.

Now, thanks to Kadokawa Games, we have a new teaser trailer that’ll show us exactly what Metal Max Xeno: Reborn and the first details of this remake. The first teaser trailer for the game shows Pochi, the gallant battle dog, and a look at the reborn and powered up steel tank in all its glory. You also get to see some monsters that walk around the field.

A reminder that Metal Max Xeno: Reborn is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this holiday season in Japan. Its sequel, Metal Max Xeno: Reborn 2, will release for the same platforms listed above, but in 2020. Project Code Zero still has no release date, nor any platforms confirmed for release. Other regions will have to wait for an announcement.

The wasteland is a dangerous, unforgiving, place where deadly monsters run rampant. This has dubbed the now reborn land of Dystokio as a literal land of death where unsuspecting travelers can meet their untimely end at any moment. Even seasoned bounty hunters need to proceed with caution because some of these monsters roam in groups. Unlike prior, more traditional, entries in the Metal Max series, there are no random encounters. As a hunter you will choose your target and head out to hunt for your prey.

Underestimating enemies could also lead to many preventable deaths. One example of this shown were the giant ant-like creatures that you find in the wasteland. Individually they are easy to dispatch; however, in a group they are much more formidable. They’ll surround you and attack from different angles. Reading enemy movements and your positioning can make or break you in an encounter. At night, things get more dangerous. Metal Max Xeno: Reborn provides you with a set of headlights to help you remain vigilant when light is scare, and enemies are plentiful.

As we get closer to release, more information about Metal Max will slowly trickle in. Fans of games like Monster Hunter should feel at home here and fans of the original release should have plenty of reasons to return. To stay up to date on Metal Max Xeno: Reborn, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter and their official website.