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Microsoft Announces Next Console: Project Scarlett


  • 8K graphics with ray-tracing.
  • SSD Storage.
  • Arriving Holiday Season 2020.

Microsoft’s Xbox briefing, which truly started off E3 2019, was full of announcements: 60 games were shown off or revealed, along with a few major announcements on the technical side. The show was truly stolen by the announcement of Xbox’s Project Scarlett. This is the next generation of Xbox consoles, and it certainly sounds like it. The reveal video, which you can watch below, touted features people have barely dreamed of.


You heard all of that correctly. A new, custom AMD CPU based on Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA Architecture; SSD storage; GDDR6 Ram; up to 120 FPS; 8K graphics with ray-tracing. All of that is, without a doubt, absolute f*cking wild. And that’s not all. We also got word that the next game in the Halo franchise, Halo: Infinite, will be a launch title on Project Scarlett.

Oh, and one more thing: Project Scarlett (Whatever they decide to actually call it, will launch Holiday 2020, a little under a year and a half away.

Will this be a fatal case of failed E3 promises, or will Project Scarlett give the yet to be properly announced PlayStation 5, which touted a lot of similar specs, a run for its money?

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  1. Unless they got more than just Halo, and a disc drive in the console it is a non-starter for me.

  2. Solomon7589 on June 10, 2019 at 2:17 pm said

    8k graphics w/ raytracing at 120 fps. That all sounds good on paper until they reveal the price, because doing that on a PC right now costs thousands of dollars for any moderately visually complicated game. I’m concerned that this is either:
    – Enabled by xCloud, meaning that the games will need to connect to an external server to run at that spec for a decent price for the market.
    – They are going to have their PS3 price reveal moment.
    – They are just making lofty promises and haven’t actually built anything yet.
    – They are so confident that they are going to take one hell of a bullet to sell them at a decent price for the market.

    Those are my initially concerning thoughts, but the one I would bet on is that this is their Xbox One X equivalent for next gen and they have a cheaper, mass market friendly version as well. I’ve heard from other sources that this is likely the case as they have talked about two different SKU’s for Scarlett, one 4x more powerful than a standard Xbox One and one 2x more powerful than a Xbox One X. If true this is definitely the more expensive SKU and will likely not be intended to be a direct competitor to the PS5, but the PS5 Pro (which doesn’t currently exist) so it will be interesting to see how this pans out come a full PS5 announcement.

    • PC gamer here. Agreed regarding the resolution and ray-trace touting.
      My PC cannot run ANYTHING released in the last TEN YEARS above 1440p at a solid 60FPS! And it’s sporting a GTX 1080, i7-9700k, Z390 MB and 32GB RAM… As well as one of those “magic” SSDs that console gamers think will remove load times, lol…

      They’re DREAMING when they start spewing things like 4K, 8K and “playable”.

      • Agreed. I feel the claim of 120 fps is so far out there. At what 720 maybe. If this thing can do even 4k at 120 fps, how much will it really cost? $500? $700?

  3. I was a console gamer until 2014, I was playing Far Cry 3 on XBOX 360 and remember the screen tear and framerate literally hurting my eyes and giving me headaches. I realized then and there that I just couldn’t do it anymore.
    I upgraded to PC and haven’t looked back.
    I do still take issue with consoles though and I honestly question their very existence.
    Every ‘new generation’ seeks to raise the bar in graphical fidelity (I’d add artificial intelligence too, but it’s clear that hasn’t evolved since 2003), yet the ability to HANDLE that fidelity is always one or even two generations BEHIND! Whatever hardware this ‘Scarlett’ is packing will only be good enough to run XBOX ONE games in an acceptable manner. Yet it’s already touting words it doesn’t even understand like 4K, 8K and SSD…

  4. I noticed a lot of people seemed to have missed that Phil said the new console would come out holiday 2020 along with Halo. I have to hear more before I decide which I’m getting though.

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