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‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ Looks Damn Near Like Real Life

  • Technical alpha later this month.
  • First Microsoft Flight Simulator to be available for console (Xbox One).


How pretty are the resulting explosions of planes colliding with mountains? Because I suspect that’s all I’d be seeing if I tried to pay attention to the controls with all those beautiful distractions.

This trailer is a compilation of recently released clips and pictures from the official Microsoft Flight Simulator website.

At the end of the trailer, there is a developer roadmap, which I have included below. In it, you can see a rough outline of the development schedule with the technical alpha coming online later this month. We still don’t have a release date, except for that it will be next year.

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  1. Man, we’ve come a long way since I was playing the old flight simulator off of a floppy disc…..damn, I’m old.

  2. And here’s the worst part :
    In 15 years, we’ll say “I can’t believe we considered those graphics ‘realistic’ !”

  3. I cannot wait. I have owned every single copy of MSFS that has come out. I can remember being in 6th grade getting a new copy of MSFS for Christmas.

    I try not to think about this. That is how stocked I am.

  4. Type text here…Is there a flight simulator that is compatible with windows 10? My FS X will not allow all of it’s functions to work with W 10.

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