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Microsoft Shows Limited Details for Project xCloud Streaming Service


  • Preview Test in October.
  • Personal Xbox One Acts as Personal Cloud Server.
  • Dates and Prices are Still Unknown.

With another Microsoft Xbox E3 Briefing behind us, we have to ask, what about Project xCloud? We got a very limited number of details at the briefing. One of the largest details we got about the platform was that we will be able to get our hands on streaming is a preview test starting in October. What this test will be, we aren’t sure. Will we have to pay for the test? That is actually a bit more nailed down with one of the more exciting parts of this announcement. For all Xbox One owners, your console can act as a personal cloud server, allowing you to access your full Xbox library from anywhere. This comes completely free to console owners.

Speaking of things being “free” or “not free” there is still the issue of price. We have a pseudo-release date with the October test, but we have absolutely no clue how much it will cost for people who want to play Xbox titles without owning a console. For now, all we can do is wait, hopefully finding out more information. Pricing might make a big difference in terms of those interested in the service, especially up against things like Google Stadia.

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