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‘MindSeize’ Coming to Nintendo Switch 

  • Pick it up in September.
  • Currently available on PC.
  • Steam version is currently 25 percent off.


Developer Kamina Dimension and publisher First Press Games have announced that their previously released 2D indie action adventure Metroidvania title MindSeize will release sometime in September on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop. MindSeize will see players transfer their minds into a robot, and the head out to save their beloved. The title originally released back in February of this year on PC via Steam, where you can pick it up currently at 25 percent off until the 25th of May. There will be a physical release being handled by First Press Games, being sold through its online store, but more information will follow at a later date.

MindSeize places players in the role of a private investigator named M.C. Fox, who happens to be in pursuit of a dangerous criminal enterprise known as The Ascended. Players will travel across the universe in order to put an end to their evil ways, and to get pay back for the last time the leader of The Ascended and M.C. Fox crossed paths, which left him terribly crippled. Making this more personal, the evil organization has managed to seize control of his daughter Taryn’s mind. With very few options available, M.C. Fox hires a crew, connects his consciousness into a robotic body called MAG, and continues the chase. Other features are as follows:

  • Classic 2D-action with a modern twist: Smooth and fast-paced action with beautiful hand-drawn 16-bit pixel graphics, mixed with atmospheric music and hard hitting sound effects
  • Explore mysterious planets: Travel to 4 different and unique planets, unravel their secrets and fight the dangers within. Remember to take a break once in a while on your ship and talk with your crew
  • Upgrade your MAG: Buy and find different mods, weapons and abilities that bring versatility to your MAG’s combat capability
  • Delve into the world of MindSeize: Follow the story written by a professional script writer with comic book style cutscenes, read the log about planets and their fauna, experience the heart-rending twists

Are you excited for MindSeize? Will you be picking it up when it releases? For those who’ve played it when it released on PC, would you recommend it? Any other entries in the genre you’re looking forward to this year? For other indie titles to keep an eye on, make sure to check out Synergia, Ever Forward, and Raji: an Ancient Epic. To stay up to date on MindSeize, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, YouTube, and their official website.