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‘Minimal Move’ Out Now

  • Available on Steam Early Access.
  • Online co-op available to try.
  • The first three worlds are available.


Developer Tako Studio have released their indie adventure co-op puzzle title Minimal Move on PC via Steam Early Access this week, as it released on the 20th of May. This is a story-driven title in which your adventure begins when two space investigators named Ido and Kaiten find themselves in a much different world than they’re used to, one that is a wonder cubic world. It’s here that they desire to learn the truth about this planet, and you’ll need to work together in order to solve these challenging puzzles.

In Minimal Move, your adventure begins when Kaiten and Ido find themselves in this new world, and each of them have their own ways of dealing with the world. Each character has their own mechanics. Kaiten can rotate the blocks, while Ido can move them from side to side, and up and down. The rules are simple to comprehend, but the execution will be a challenge. Your goal is to move blocks in order to make it into the portal, but these puzzles in your way will require you to use your head. The solutions to the puzzles aren’t always obvious, and you’ll need to rotate your point of view due to this being a 3D title. This Early Access version offers players the first three worlds with the core gameplay mechanics. The online co-op mode will also be available. You can play with others through your Steam friends list by using the Remote Play Together feature. Other features are as follows:

  • COOPERATE WITH OR WITHOUT: Minimal Move is playable in solo or in cooperative mode. We highly recommend playing with two!
  • BE A PART OF AN ADVENTUROUS STORY!: Minimal Move is a story driven puzzle game that takes place in a wonder science fiction world.
  • EXPLORE DIFFERENT WORLD! : Each world will have different types of blocks for playing the puzzle in new ways.
  • MEET FUN AND DANGEROUS CHARACTERS! : In addition to the main characters Kaiten and Ido, there will be funny but maybe dangerous monsters and robots coming your way!
  • SMASH EACH OTHER: Ido and Kaiten can smash each other! Be careful and enjoy smashing! But don’t hate each other!

Are you excited for Minimal Move? Will you be picking it up? For those who’ve been playing it, what are your impressions? Would you recommend it? What are some of your favorite puzzle titles? For other indie titles to keep an eye on, make sure to check out FrostFall, Little Witch Nobeta, and FIGHT KNIGHT. To stay up to date on Minimal Move, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and their official website.