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More Details on ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ Season Three

  • Season three begins on February 28th.
  • Updated training mode will add Dragon Ball characters.
  • New mechanic that’ll activate when you have one character left.


Ever since the announcement that Ultra Instinct Goku was coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ, anticipation began to run wild on if there would be a season three of content, and what would be in that season. Once it was confirmed a season three was coming, we learned new fighters would be joining the roster. The biggest news to come out of the announcement was that the core gameplay of FighterZ would be changing. We were given a little insight and teases on what that would be, such as being able to assign moves to assists.

Now, with the first new fighter Kefla releasing in roughly a week, more information is trickling out on what to expect from these changes to FighterZ’s gameplay. Prominent Japanese blogger and magazine leaker Ryokutya2089 has posted new information on what we can expect. He’s revealed some of Kefla’s moves, a new training addition that is coming, and a new battle mechanic designed for comebacks. A special thank you to EventHubs, as they’ve translated the information from Japanese, such as the new mechanic being referred to as the Limit-Breaking Super Power. 

Limit-Breaking Super Power can only be used once a player has one character left alive. Either their health gauge or super meter will turn into a golden color, which will provide the player with a boost in their attack power. This mechanic will automatically happen once the final fighter enters the fight. Training mode will somehow incorporate Dragon Ball characters who will make an appearance to teach the player mechanics of the game. Season three of Dragon Ball FighterZ is expected to begin on the 28th of February, when Kefla officially joins the roster. She is the first of five fighters joining the roster, three of which are unknown, and the second fighter to join as part of season three is Ultra Instinct Goku. 

Dragon Ball FighterZ is currently available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Are you excited for season three of Dragon Ball FighterZ? Who do you want to join the roster? How do you feel about these new mechanics? The Limit-Breaking Super Power sounds interesting, though I’m curious how this will work with Sparking. Overall, I’m excited for all of these changes, and can not wait to give it a try myself. To stay up to date on Dragon Ball FighterZ, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website.