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‘Natural Selection 2’ Gets Huge Update

  • Major balance overhaul.
  • Alien map control lowered, mobility raised.
  • New map, graphical changes, audio changes.
  • Marine weapon and tech tree tweaks.


For the first time in almost half a year, Unknown Worlds Entertainment brings us news of an update for Natural Selection 2. But for those who have not yet heard of NS2, it’s a sci-fi shooter with elements from both the FPS and RTS genres. Two playable teams, the technologically advanced Frontiersman marines, and the hive-like Kharaa lifeforms, compete for dominance on a series of maps that focus on objective-based gameplay. Just imagine if Starcaft and Counterstrike had a baby, and you’ll have a basic idea of NS2.

Update 327 is a major balance overhaul. It brings with it graphical and audio improvements, a new map, and 10 pages worth of balance changes. In this new version, ranked servers now cap at 10 players per side. Additional visual indicators have been added to alert players which status effects they are under the influence of in the form of status icons. And all the skill tiers have been given fancy new badges.

The Kharaa have been tweaked so that Gorges no are no longer capable of building tunnels. This ability has been relocated to the Commander role. Gorges, consequently, have been buffed to have more directional control when belly sliding, a faster belly slide, and can now use all of their abilities (except build structure) while belly sliding. Gorges have also undergone a suite of changes intended to shift their role from map control juggernauts to a mobile support class with some map control capabilities.

Another significant change to the aliens impacts their cysts chains. These chains are now more vulnerable, but also regrow more quickly. The intended result is that aliens should have to more mindful about protecting their chains, rather than just forgetting about them and healing broken chains with nutrient mist. “The chain should now feel more dynamic, with impactful consequences for failing to protect it – however once defended, repairing and re-establishing a chain should be much faster than before.”

Marines got a tighter spread on shotguns, with less pellets and higher damage per pellet resulting in a slight net gain in damage, as well as easier aiming at point blank. Grenade launchers have had their damage significantly reduced against lifeforms, but buffed against structures, making them specialized siege weapons. The backpedaling speed penalty has been reduced as well, for the sake of newer players.

These are honestly just a few of the tremendous list of changes now avaailable in Update 327. If you haven’t ever heard of or played NS2, I highly recommend you check it out. It’s only 10 bucks on Steam, and is rated as overwhelming positive out of 6,265 reviews.

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