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Neo Politan Gets ‘BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle’ Trailer

  • You can play her on November 21st.
  • Nine characters are apart of season 2.
  • Weapon of choice is an umbrella.


On November 21st, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will be getting its massive rebalancing patch and next season of downloadable fighters. The content side of things will cost you $24.99. With November slowly approaching, Arc System Works has been slowly showing off the fighters and the latest one being showcased is Neo Politan from the RWBY anime.

Neo Politan first appeared in the anime episode “Painting the Town,” and she is one of the series’ antagonists who is associated with Cinder Fall, and formerly Roman Torchwick. Her weapon of choice is an umbrella that houses a deadly concealed blade. The character gets the name from her appearance, which borrows a lot from the popular ice cream serving. Neo’s hair is divided half into pink with white streaks and half into black. It is also these colors that are the primary colors for her outfit.

For those unfamiliar with BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, it’s a 2D 2v2 anime crossover fighting game that features series from different properties. Some of these include Under Night In-Birth, RWBY, Persona 4 Arena, and new series that have joined, such as Senran Kagura. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle was received with a lot of positivity. Praises went to its visuals, mechanics, music, and online elements. The only real criticisms the game got were its disgusting DLC practice at the beginning of its release. Of its 40 characters, 20 were in the base game, and 20 were DLC.

Back in August we covered the Version 2.0 update, which you can read here, and last month we showed off the remaining five DLC characters, which you can read here. Arc System Works is known to support their fighting games consistently and for years, even if they aren’t super successful, like Dragon Ball FighterZ. How much support the game will get may have been inadvertently revealed when the game received its 1.5 update back in May. Gamers datamined the update and found 75 new announcer lines of character names, and some came from two series not a part of the game’s fates. Those two will be added in update 2.0, and characters like Neo Politan who are on that leaked list have been confirmed.

As someone who adores all fighting games and spends most of his gaming time in them, I cannot recommend BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle enough. To me, it’s better than Dragon Ball FighterZ. To stay up to date with the game, make sure follow developer Arc System Works on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website.