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New Changes Announced for ‘Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’

  • Void Subclasses are all getting various updates.
  • The glimmer cap is going up.
  • Armor details are getting more specific.

During their Armor 2.0 stream, Bungie laid out some other quality of life changes that will be much loved by players when they go live. One of the biggest changes will be updates to the various void subclasses. First off, the Night Stalker’s Way of the Pathfinder is getting a big change. When making your allies invisible, you give them a buff to their stats and grant grenade energy. Also, grenade damage provides melee energy.

In terms of Titans, they are receiving one of the biggest, most asked for changes. When using Ward of Dawn as a Sentinel, Titans will not activate the fan favorite Weapons of Light buff. For a short moment after stepping out of a Ward of Dawn, players will deal increased damage.

Aside from class changes, Bungie is also increasing the Glimmer cap, from 100,000 to 250,000. This will make farming and using the common currency less tedious, but by how much is yet to be seen. Alongside the glimmer cap, viewing another Guardian will now show their Ghost hovering near their shoulder and their sparrow parked behind them, showing off more cosmetics than the singular guardian.

Lastly, one significant change is coming to armor. Aside from the major Armor 2.0 changes, a new menu on pieces of armor will provide new details as to how the perk works, so you can make absolutely sure it works how you think it does. The expanded menu can be opened when inspecting a piece of armor, and will make it easier to generally keep track of everything about what you’re wearing.

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  1. As a diehard Destiny fan, even when I knew the game was bad, I am excited for these changes. I hope Bungie keeps moving in the right direction now that they have broken away from Activision. There was a lot of things that I think were forced on them by the Publisher that diminished the quality of this game and I am hopeful that we are seeing a return to greatness for this studio.

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