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New ‘Control’ Update Yields Mixed Results

  • Fixes much of the texture pop in.
  • Progression fixes and UI improvements.
  • Some frame rate improvements.


Control from Remedy Entertainment has been a surprise hit, but not one without flaws. While the PC experience has had a few misses, mostly related to the PC launcher, the console experience has not been spared from more glaring issues. When the chaos really starts breaking out in Control’s heavier combat segments, console players were noticing some rather intense dips in frame rate, often down to the single digits. While most of the time the game plays fine, it really breaks up the momentum when an epic battle suddenly turns into a slideshow for a few seconds at a time.

Thankfully, a new patch has rolled out across all platforms, and while it improves on some aspects, others are still in need of some fine-tuning. While you can find the full patch notes at this link, here’s the need to know for console players in particular.


  • Improved title stability on all platforms
  • Improved general frame-rate performance through optimisations made to multiple systems and content


  • Fixed issue when certain licensed music tracks play after enabling the ‘Mute Copyrighted Tracks’ option
  •  Fixed and issue when audio is out of sync in the Dr. Darling videos (PS4)


  • Fixed issue with the Charge weapon forms erroneous blast radius causing (way) too much visual damage to the environments
  • Fixed an issue where game would stall when completing a story mission and unlocking a trophy (PS4)

While the patch is mostly working as intended, there is still some frame rate stuttering during particularly more active segments on the Playstation 4, though not nearly as severe as it once was. Xbox One performance seems to have fared better, with the frame rate stuttering nearly completely fixed. All the same, it’s not perfect yet but it looks like Control is another step in the right direction. That being said, it looks like the best way to experience the game remains on PC.