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New ‘DOOM Eternal’ Trailer Has a Mystery Amid the Carnage

  • All the blood and gore you can handle.
  • Narrative is definitely getting a bigger place this time around.
  • “You are nothing but a usurper… a false idol.”

The last time we heard anything major about DOOM Eternal was back in October, when a little over a month away from the planned mid-November release date the anticipated FPS was delayed until Spring 2020. With the new release date of March 20th, 2020 only a few months away, we were due for another trailer full of demon-slaying goodness, and now that it’s here, what’s packed into it? Blood, bullets, and a very high body count.


DOOM Eternal picks up after the events of 2016’s DOOM. The events on Mars with demons pouring out of Hell had temporarily been put to bed, but of course an artifact of great power was taken back to Earth, and now Hell has all but taken over humanity’s home turf. Cities lie in ruin, dead and dying fill the streets and buildings just waiting to be picked off or possessed, and the bulk of humanity’s last defense is on a space station. When all hope seems lost, the Doomslayer reappears to do what he does best: deal out hot lead while smashing demon heads.

The trailer treats us to plenty of looks at the new environments we’ll be traversing, the majority of which are fallen cityscapes. We also get more brief glimpses of what I can only speculate to be the seraphim that are locked in an eternal battle with Hell and made Doomslayer their champion. That being said, Kahn Makyr doesn’t seem fond of our protagonist in the slightest. Looks like that might allude to the trouble in paradise seen when Doomslayer is fighting demons on heavenly grounds.

The most interesting part of the trailer though is in the form of an enigmatic demon that seems far different from anything else Doomslayer has gone up against. Emerging from a crimson portal comes a demon with an ammo belt, armor pieces in a similar styling to Doomslayer, and proclaiming that our protagonist is the enemy:

You are nothing but a usurper, a false idol.

While this could be a throwaway demon meant only for an epic boss fight, the way he’s seemingly brought center stage and shown to be in a standoff with the Doomslayer seems to imply he’s going to be a much bigger threat. After all, how often have you ever seen our protagonist stand still long enough for a demon to actually taunt him?

Overall, it’s a pretty over the top trailer full of everything that made DOOM 2016 such a great return-to-form for the franchise after such a long time away from the spotlight. It has me thinking the delay was well worth the wait, and that when we get to “raze Hell” in DOOM Eternal on March 20th it’s going to be just what the doctor ordered for eager FPS fans. 

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  1. The gameplay looks awesome, but I’m still suspicious about Bethesda messing this up. The game already has a season pass, which is a red flag.

    • My thoughts exactly. I’m already tending towards the high-seas with these guys anyway, and that season pass just pushes me further in that direction.

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