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New Gameplay Revealed for ‘Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’

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Yesterday, FromSoftware showcased never before seen gameplay from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in a live broadcast. The following videos highlight some of that gameplay below.

In this clip, we can see some of the basic movement abilities in use, as well as a difficult duel against a samurai.

The next one shows a battle against a pole arm wielding boss, The Corrupted Monk.

But look how different that same fight looks with someone who knows what they’re doing.

Longtime fans of FromSoftware titles will recognize certain combat mechanics, such as staggers, weapon buffs, parry-like weapon grabs, and subsequent ripostes. But Sekiro’s fights involve more weapon deflection and nimble backwards leaps than rolling, which helps make them look a lot less silly than two fully armored knights tumbling around on the ground, swinging their swords straight through one another.

In this final clip, the tools and skills of the shinobi are put on beautiful display. His prosthetic arm yanks him from plummeting death as he leaps across cliffs and roofs. Enemies are dispatched from stealth in a spray of arterial blood, or in direct combat through the combined usage of smoke bombs, firecracker flashbangs, and a trusty katana.

We also see some of the ninja’s magic, indicated by the faint blue glow of Japanese lettering, which seemed to enhance his stealth capabilities, rendering him transparent. A large progression menu was accessible through a shrine at one point, but without speaking Japanese, I can’t tell you what a word of it said. Similarly, one of the many status effects afflicted the ninja as he stepped into a noxious cloud. The buildup meter was reminiscent of Dark Souls status effects, and was presumably something like poison. Then again, it could just have easily been a deep craving for tacos for all I know.

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