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New K/DA Merch Released Ahead of ‘League of Legends’ World Championships

  • The League of Legends World Championships start on October 2nd.
  • Ahead of the World Championship, new K/DA merch was launched.
  • K/DA is the fictional band behind real world songs like the hit single Pop/Stars.

Riot Games has what fans want, and ahead of the League of Legends World Championships, they are providing the goods. They have announced a new set of K/DA merchandise a little under a month before the Championships, amidst the Qualifiers. Five new items were quietly released, and they are very interesting. 

First up, there was a set of five new pins, one of each character and an extra Akali pin featuring her masked with the blacklight coloration:

These pins, while nothing incredibly exciting, add a small piece of flair that isn’t immediately noticeable. The set is a limited edition product, so buy it now while you still can if you’re interested!

There was also a set of Minis, one of each of the four group members. Each small statuette is about three inches tall, perfect to fill that small hole in any collection.

This is a special edition set of Minis, and while some may say that $30.00 is a steep price to pay for four three inch tall statuettes, fans of LoL and K/DA will be happy to pick them up.

Things are only going up from here, though. If you’re more interested in clothing, there are two new items that may pique your interest. The first up is a fairly simple $65 hoodie, featuring K/DA’s Evelynn and Akali plastered across the back with K/DA logo is written across the front.

The hoodie is a pullover rather than a zip up, and while there’s no listing of it being a special or limited edition item, it isn’t entirely certain how long this will be available. If you want it, get it while you can!

One of the two big ticket items is the new K/DA Akali Dragon Bomber jacket. This jacket is the clothing item to buy for big-time K/DA fans.

As you can see, the jacket features Akali’s signature Dragon embroidered on the back, but there are some lighter features as well. For example, on the right sleeve you may notice the design of Akali’s mask. The jacket is, like the hoodie, not labeled as a Limited or Special edition, but for such a high quality-looking (and expensive) item to not run out of stock feels unlikely. If you’re interested, grab it now.

Last, but certainly not least, is the biggest of big ticket items. The League of Legends Unlocked Statue #009: K/DA Akali.

The statue comes with a few special features. First of all, there’s a small detachable mask included for buyers to customize it as they see fit, but it doesn’t end there. This Akali statue comes with what I can only really call an alternative mode. Using the included battery operated blacklight, (Sadly, the three required AAA Batteries are NOT included with this) buyers will see that the neon accents Akali shows off in their music video for POP/STARS are alive and well. If you’ve got the proclivity to go above and beyond, any blacklight will do to show off this other side to K/DA’s Hip Hop Ninja. You can pick up the K/DA Akali statue right here for $85.00.