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New Mod Turns ‘Skyrim’ into ‘Sekiro’

  • Mostly complete, waiting for permission to release.
  • Attempts to mimic FromSoftware’s combat.
  • The party system actually looks good.


One of the biggest, and most fun, releases of 2019 was FromSoftware’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Sekiro is also one of the titles to receive many different types of mods, ranging from the weird to the unexpected. There were mods that brought partial nudity to Sekiro, and one that got us the biggest crossover we never knew we wanted, with Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2 replacing Wolf.

When it comes to mods, there is none bigger than The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s community; I mean they’re hard at work on bringing the entirety of Morrowind into the title. Well, it was only a matter of time before Skyrim got a Sekiro-inspired mod. This isn’t a visual-only mod, either. In fact, it’s an impressive one that blends Skyrim’s combat with Sekiro’s. There is a YouTube video of user Lert Krush demonstrating his mod, which his mod is said to be a heavily modified version of modder tktk’s Ultimate Combat mod for Skyrim Special Edition


Sekiro’s combat is fast-paced, designed secondarily for players to quickly get in and attack before getting out of enemy range. Sekiro’s primary gameplay mechanic is the parry system. It’s a rhythmic engagement where timing is essential, and it’s the foundation on which the entire game is designed. This mod brings this into the world of Skyrim. Looking at the mod in motion, you can see a lot of time has been placed into replicating Sekiro’s magic.

Animations aren’t perfect, but that also adds to Skyrim’s charm in a way. It comes across as a Bethesda quality release, or even better. If you’ve played Sekiro, you’ll see that this mod brings the frantic swordplay, blocks and deflection mechanics, dodge-rolling, and counters. You’re also able to charge up an attack from countering and blocking. The best part of this mod, is that enemies can also parry your attacks. If you’ve accomplished everything in Skyrim, and are looking to add new life in this older title, this mod will be perfect once it’s finalized. The creator says it’s pretty much done, they only need permission from tktk to release it, as it’s heavily based upon their mod.


How do you feel about this mod? Will you download it once it’s released? What’s some of the best mods you’ve ever downloaded? My favorite is when then turned all the dragons into Randy Savage.


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