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New ‘NBA 2K20’ Trailer Shows Off MyTeam’s Casino-Style Systems

  • Slot Machines, Prize Wheels, and Pachinko Machines galore.
  • Open packs, spend coins, and play mini-games for a chance at your desired rewards.
  • Rewards range from shoes to goals, contracts, jerseys, and coaches on top of players.

We thought it couldn’t get worse, and then Battlefront II tied basic features to loot boxes, and since then games have continually pushed the envelope. The worst offender is clearly GTA V’s Diamond Casino, which has been banned in several countries for being outright gambling, but NBA 2K20 is giving it a run for its money. In the MyTeam Mode, players can do plenty of fun, totally-100%-not-gambling things. Open card packs, spin some prize wheels, use actual slot machines and pachinko machines, have a good time!


It is so very clearly gambling mechanics that it hurts. If people have complained about loot box mechanics before, they should be enraged by this content. Not only are there random loot boxes with random card packs (Read: Random Loot Boxes with Random Loot Boxes in them), but there are slot machines, pachinko machines, and prize wheels. All of this comes with the like Login Rewards which incentivize players to return day after day.

If you’re a legal, consenting adult, all of this is totally O.K. You should be allowed to spend money as you wish. But 2K20 is not for Adults. It’s not rated Adults Only, Mature, or even Teen. No, NBA 2K20 is rated E for Everyone.

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  1. But lootboxes are totally not gambling! /s

  2. ..:: eeZee ::.. on August 29, 2019 at 11:08 am said

    And somewhere in there, there’s a mini basketball game too!

    The only surprise mechanic here is; how do they get away with the rating ‘E’ and circumvent rulings on simulated gambling…?? Something smells fishy…

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