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New ‘Resident Evil 3’ Trailer Shows off More Nemesis

  • He’s back in black and on the attack.
  • Familiar yet oh so different.
  • Let’s talk about some of the more notable changes.

There’s a lot that can be said about the redesign of one of the Resident Evil franchise’s most iconic monster, both positive and negative. While we’ll dive into some of that later on, the new trailer for Resident Evil 3 aims to make one thing clear to Resident Evil fans right off the start. The modern-day version of Nemesis is no slouch; he’s not a threat to be confronted or outsmarted. Your best bet is to run and hope that you’re able to lose track of him for however brief the timeframe is. 


The trailer literally begins with clips of Jill Valentine being relentlessly pursued and tossed around like a ragdoll. CAPCOM has paid attention over the years, and exploits like simply passing on Nemesis’s right side to avoid being grabbed are no longer an option. Just run, you fool! The first 11 seconds of the trailer put the killing machine front and center before it shifts to show off the new narrative. Running just under two minutes, players are treated to a deeper look inside a more expansive Raccoon City that includes new and old locations, combat footage, and yes, later on plenty more Nemesis. Here are some things I noticed after watching and rewatching the trailer several times. Some are obvious things of note, but big enough to talk about, while others are more subtle details.

This is the first trailer we get a better sense of the redesigned version of Carlos Oliveira. While his new appearance is much more grizzled looking compared to the suave version of 1999, his personality seems to have remained intact:

Easy lady, I gotcha. Name’s Carlos, and I’m saving you.

Cocky, confident, and definitely overprotective of Jill in his moments throughout the trailer, the core of the character is intact and with modern voice acting a much more believable supporting character to the leading lady.

An unnamed UBCS member has appeared in both trailers so far; this time he’s most notably seen with Carlos as they approach the Raccoon City Police Department. This appears to have been confirmed to be Tyrell Patrick as initial speculation online seemed to believe. Tyrell Patrick in the original version of Resident Evil 3 is only seen once during the main storyline, and in the Mercenaries minigame. In the original game, players can find him in the hospital either on the upper levels about to be executed by a traitor, or in the basement killed by a booby trap.

While Tyrell was only the catalyst to reveal a traitor in the original, it looks like he’ll play at least a somewhat larger role this time around as he’s gotten a generous amount of screentime for a minor character. The best image we have of Tyrell this time around is in the foreground of the scene where Carlos is trying to contact Jill on the radio. He appears to be digging through files on a computer.

But of course, I’m not going to forget about Nemesis, and wow… if you thought it was just his looks that have had a makeover, then you’re in for a surprise. The modern nemesis appears to be stronger, faster, and terrifyingly enough, far more agile as he hoists himself up quickly and with incredible ease in the trailer at one point from a lower level. The biggest change, though, is that Nemesis definitely has a weapon suite this time around. There’s been an image floating around showing him with his trusty rocket launcher before, but this trailer shows him with a massive flamethrower as he pursues Jill, trying to cook her alive. There are also two instances where Nemesis is shown to have his face hidden in a mask, perhaps implying a similar effect to Resident Evil 2’s Mr. X, that once his hat comes off he becomes far more aggressive? Or perhaps it’s just meant as an intimidation method. Either way, watching him hoist a car over his head and slam it down and then just casually start to get back up was definitely enough to get the Resident Evil fanboy in me grinning ear to ear.

One last change I want to talk about is the choice to change the trolley segment to a subway. This implies that Raccoon City this time around is much larger than the one from the original Resident Evil games. In Resident Evil, 2 we get a brief glance at the skyline which implies as much, but to have it reconfirmed with a transit network only seen in major cities really ups the stakes. Raccoon City is no longer small-town America, but a burgeoning metropolis. That means more zombies, more people in danger, and ultimately a much higher casualty rate. 

This leads me to wonder just how this will change the mid-game though? In the original, they use a trolley to push through burning wreckage and reach a primary evacuation site for UBCS members at the Saint Micheal’s Clock Tower. For those familiar with that scene, moving to underground transport changes a lot about the possible outcomes in that regard.

The trailer reconfirms Resident Evil 3 will be releasing on April 3rd, 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Did you see anything in the trailer that really stood out to you? Any other noteworthy changes from the 1999 version of Resident Evil 3 not mentioned in my coverage? Let us know down below.


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  1. It’s hopefully as good as RE2make.

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