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New Trailer Showcases ‘Starbase’ Weaponry

  • Zero gravity environments.
  • All objects completely destructible.
  • Current arsenal of weaponry revealed.


Back in May, we covered the announcement of a fairly unique upcoming title, a crafter-shooter with robots and spaceships called Starbase. There’s still no word on when the game will go into early access, except that it should be some time this year. In the meantime, Frozenbyte has released a bit of gameplay footage that covers weaponry and combat mechanics.

In this feature trailer, we learned that the game has no gravity, and so robots must adhere to surfaces using magnetic boots. This means that firefights will see opponents facing one another on the walls and ceilings of ships as much as the floors. I wonder just how accurate this zero gravity environment is intended to be, however, as in the video above there was a demonstration of a jetpack in which its operator had to continuously thrust, lest he sink back toward the surface of the ship as if it were the ground and he was fighting gravity. Perhaps this was an oversight, but thrust in space would move any object, robots included, indefinitely unless another force acted upon them. Another potential oversight was in the section that they mentioned being able to dismember robots, where one with a single leg can be seen crawling along the surface of the ship as if it was the ground and gravity was holding him down, even though his remaining foot wasn’t placed magnet-side-down.

Zero gravity is a particularly interesting question when it comes to the idea of space station velocity, because unless these superstructures are perfectly stationary, getting any amount of momentum in the wrong direction, or even just decelerating relative to the station is going to be the last you ever see of it. This is all pre-beta footage though, so who knows how accurate the final product will end up.

The fully destructible environment was mentioned again, as well as the ease of shifting between ship and infantry combat. The main thrust of the video was the infantry weapons though. The current selection of infantry weapons is as follows:

If this info and these weapons get your space robot juices flowing, you can follow the game more closely through Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, Steam, and the official website.

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