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Newest ‘Rage 2’ Trailer Has a Redneck Mech and an Invisible Samurai

  • Enormous open-world.
  • Vehicular combat and nano-tech powers.
  • BFG.


Sa-mu-rai. Not a cyborg ninja, like every other game site keeps saying–not a ninja of any kind at all. It says it right there in the trailer. Invisible. Samurai. Rage 2 is an open-world FPS set in a post-apocalyptic world in which 80% of humanity has been wiped out by an asteroid, and a mutated circus of survivors vie for control of the wasteland through brutal combat. Its own description reads as follows:

Dive headfirst into a dystopian world devoid of society, law, and order. RAGE 2 brings together two studio powerhouses–Avalanche Studios, masters of open world insanity, and id Software, creators of the first-person shooter –to deliver a carnival of carnage where you can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything.

Players take the role of Walker, last ranger of the wasteland, and employ a variety of upgradable weapons, combat vehicles, and “Nanotrite powers” to rid the wasteland of… well, everything. There is some degree of customization allowed for Walker, such as gender, skills, and attire.

Rage 2 is scheduled to release on May 14th, but you can already pre-purchase it for $59.99 on Steam, the PlayStation Store, and the Microsoft Store. Pre-ordering grants access to the Cult of the Death God mission, “a wild ride that sends Walker after a cult of crazed mutants who have taken to worshipping the image of Nicholas Raine – the hero of the original RAGE.” Completion of this missions awards players with “Raine’s legendary armor along with the fan-favorite Settler Pistol and the new Mutant Monster Truck.”

There’s also a deluxe addition you can get for an additional 20 bucks which gives you several additional goodies, including the DOOM BFG. That’s right… you read that right. You can follow the game more closely through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the official website.

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