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Nintendo’s New FCC Filing Means SNES Titles Are Probably Coming to the Switch

  • Nintendo filed a new wireless SNES controller for the Switch with the FCC.
  • This would further prove a leak uncovered by a member of the modding community.
  • The leak showed SNES games becoming available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

The Nintendo Switch is ripe for a new change. The new models offering greater battery life have been spotted in U.S. stores, the Switch Lite is coming to stores soon, and there aren’t that many NES games left for them to release as Nintendo Online Subscription bonuses. The company’s new filing with the Federal Communications Commission looks like its seeking to solve that last problem.

The new filing isn’t very telling, but fans will recognize it immediately.

The back of the SNES controller, with its noticeable round edges for the game pad and four buttons. The model number on the back, HAC-042, uses the same three letter code that Nintendo has been using for Switch products, like the HAC-001, the very first Nintendo Switch, or the HACAPLSAA, the Poke Ball Plus controller for the Pokemon: Let’s Go games.

The future of the Switch is looking up, especially if there are SNES games will be coming to the platform. A leak back in January suggests that games like A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, and Super Mario Kart could be arriving on Switch as a part of Nintendo Switch Online, which lets subscribers play a wealth of classic games on the modern system. This move would also be in line with what Nintendo did when the Switch launched in 2017, where they released Joy-Con-esque NES controllers that slid onto the Switch and functioned like any other controller. The pair of controllers cost $59.99, can only be purchased from Nintendo by online subscribers, and can only be bought on a one per account basis. These controllers could either follow this same route, or be open to everyone. Only time will tell.

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  1. Was there ever any real doubt that they were coming to the Switch’s online store? Considering they’d been released and re-released already, I don’t think so.

    The only real question is will Nintendo continue its stupid “drip-feed” mentality from previous consoles or will they finally release the mother lode so we actually have a reason to care instead of going back to our ROM collections?

    Regardless, this new SNES wireless controller could be pretty awesome once people find a way to hack it so it’ll work with the PC, so good to know about.

  2. I find myself moving more and more back toward retro gaming so this is good news for me. Any word on the Atari release date.


    I just wish we could move our collections from the Wii/Wii-U era onto the Switch. There’s a reason I have never deleted my ROM collection on the PC, because it’s the ONLY reliable way to play the SNES classics as they were intended (read: NOT a money grubbing “remaster”).

  4. felix-garcia on August 17, 2019 at 5:06 am said

    Interesting, these controllers gave me a lot of red thumbs back in my day.

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