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‘Ocarina of Time’ Is Being Remade in the Unreal Engine

  • Multiple locations and character models fully rendered and animated.
  • Music and sounds effects in place.
  • Combat is choppy, but implemented.


CryZENx, creator of N64 remakes, is currently in the process of making the Ocarina of Time in the Unreal Engine. The project isn’t fully polished yet, but it still looks pretty damn good. In videos throughout this article, you’ll see Hyrule Field, Kokiri Forest, Saria, Kaepora Gaebora, as well as a few enemy types, all fully animated in the Unreal Engine.


The project has been in development for long enough, and is getting enough views, that there’s no way Nintendo isn’t aware of it by now. But so far, it has managed to evade their litigious fury. Whether it will reach completion, and then become available for download without being slapped with a cease and desist remains to be seen.


If you like this project, and you want to support its creator, he has a Patreon at the following link. With enough support, a downloadable version of this modernized Ocarina of Time will soon be a reality.

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  1. Nintendo will most likely strike this down.

    • Which would be a damn shame. Nintendo should just embrace these people and just release this version for the Switch. It would be a really disappointing if nothing came of this.

  2. This is either a 7 or 8 years old project or a new one that will have the same fate : Lead nowhere. In a sense, that’s cool but I can’t help to think about the huge waste of time, this/these person/people could have created a company or do something that matters in that time span.

    Of course, do what you want with your money, but just understand that this can’t lead anywhere, it’s pretty much like giving money to a minecraft map creator for making a map basically… But if this guy can get money for doing his hobby… Cool for him ! Just do think you’ll ever be able to play anything more than a shitty demo.

  3. Bloodoathwarrior on August 11, 2019 at 1:48 pm said

    Yeah… But all he has to do is drop the file once… And torrents will take care of the rest… It’s like am2r I’m pretty sure Nintendo issuead a cease and desist order, and I doubt you would have a hard time getting a copy.

    The interweb always finds a way.
    It never forgets.
    It never forgives.

  4. Looks like a true successor to the original, a remake worth of praise. Hopefully it stays alive!

  5. I wished the creator kept this quiet until they were ready to release it. They open themselves to a cease and desist now.

  6. Nintendo killed that fan Metroid 2 remake after it was completed since the creators were making money through Patreon or other sources.

    Nintendo will kill this too.

    However, if they actually let it go, I want this version to have Ganon being stabbed in the mouth.

  7. darkmage15 on August 12, 2019 at 8:02 pm said

    I really wish I could get excited over this…but Nintendo will likely strike this down, same as the other fan remakes out there.

    A shame, really. It looks incredibly promising, and I’d have loved to have had a “modern” version of this to show to some of my friends.

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