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‘Octopath Traveler’ is Coming to PC

  • Square Enix seems to have accidentally leaked this info.
  • Original post was taken down and no official comment.


Originally released exclusively for Switch in July of 2018, Octopath Traveler will be coming to PC this summer. The following quote was part of a strangely now deleted blog post from Square Enix: “We have some very exciting news for PC gamers. Octopath Traveler is coming to Steam on June 7, 2019! So, yknow, add it to your Wishlist now. The critically-acclaimed RPG has previously only been available on Nintendo Switch, so this will be the first time non-Nintendo owners can experience the game.”

Was this accidentally published early? Gematsu, who managed to catch the announcement in time, does not speculate on why it was so quickly pulled down. At the moment, searching for Octopath Traveler on the Steam store produces a “No results were returned for that query” page. It is most likely that this announcement was an unintentional leak, and there has been no official statement from Square Enix on the matter yet.

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  1. Really good game, but the random battles that happen almost ever 3 feet you walk really burned me out on it… if they toned those down or made the enemies appear on the screen and let you avoid some of them, it would do wonders to take the tedium out of playing it

    • One word… Mods.

      One of the big reasons the PC is my platform of choice. For example, Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a really good RPG, but with some mods to address some of the shortfalls, it becomes one of my favourites.

  2. I really want to try this one, but Its strange to me that nintendo is “opening” a little bit his game catalogue, name the less I’m excited to try this one out.

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