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‘Oddworld: Soulstorm’ Releases Gameplay Teaser

  • Loot and scavenge components for crafting system.
  • Equip followers with firebombs.
  • Check out Abe’s stylish new backpacks.


Oddworld: Soulstorm is now confirmed to be releasing sometime early next year in this brand new gameplay teaser trailer. And teaser is definitely the right way to describe this trailer, as easily over half of the one minute and seventeen seconds of footage is transitions or snippets from cutscenes, such as the one in the original trailer. But what information is actually new?

Well, for starters, backpacks. Abe wears one now, presumably to carry components for crafting. Some of these components include dirty rags and empty bottles, which we can infer to be used in the construction of molotov cocktails. These jury-rigged explosives can now be wielded by Abe’s followers, if not Abe himself, as a thematically appropriate form of retaliation for an uprising. In the trailer we can even see one of these firebombs taking out a Slig in a single hit. Some components have less clear purposes, such as bottle caps and batteries, but at one point in the trailer, Abe appears to be wearing a more mechanized backpack, with wires and an energy meter… hmm.

The follower management, platforming, and puzzle solving of previous titles does seem to be making a return in Soulstorm, but at a much larger scale. A nice quality of life improvement I also noticed from the trailer was an arrow indicating which of the two dozen or so Mudokons was Abe, something that you had to discern simply by the bluish tint of his skin in earlier installments.

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