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‘Oddworld: Soulstorm’ Will Be an Epic Exclusive

  • Developers sent out a tweet explaining why.
  • No attacks on fans, or attempts to defend Epic Store.

Oddworld Inhabitants are the latest in a long line of developers to be whisked away by the venerable Mr. Sweeney and his tantalizing checkbook. To their credit, however, these developers have neither attacked their fans nor sung the praises of the Epic Store, as in the case of the developers of Ooblets. Instead, they released the following statement through Twitter:

So quite bluntly, they have admitted that they just needed more money, and papa Tim knew an opportunity when he smelled one. Still, one wonders how it is that a company behind such beloved titles as Abe’s Oddysee, Munch’s Oddysee, and Stranger’s Wrath would be unable to gather sufficient support for their Oddworld-related game when a little-known developer, Untold Games, was able to rebuff the Sween’s advances while making DARQ.

At least we know from the developers of DARQ that the option for non-exclusive funding was most certainly off the table for Oddworld Inhabitants. They were given the choice of money for exclusivity, or no money. So now you’ll find them only on the Epic Store.

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  1. It’s a complicated situation. I appreciate they’re being honest and don’t devolve into Epic shilling (mostly, they still claim that Epic “supports their goal” while we know very well Epic is only doing this for themselves), but these guys don’t seem to even have bothered trying to crowfund this game. Yeah, crowfunding is harder these days, but one major reason is precisely the Epic Store’s antics regarding scooping up already backed games as exclusives.

    The EGS is creating this self-destructive maelstrom that’s ruining gaming for developers and gamers alike.

    I’m still never, EVER using the Epic Store, but these guys are being alright with their statement (if not entirely with their behavior), so I MIGHT consider breaking my “Epic exclusive = lost me as a customer forever” rule at some time in the future for this game, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  2. The big difference here is they didn’t crowd fund while offering steam keys then thumbing their noses at consumers after they got their money. I can respect their decision to go exclusive under these circumstances.

  3. I get that they need the money and i would support them as i like the Oddworld games but the second you go Epic you lose me. I can not speak for others but one would expect that many others feel the same and just avoid Epic only games.

  4. I can respect that they came forward and explain what they did the way that they did. I appreciate the did not attempt any bait and switches.
    That means said I’m a Linux gamer and if it’s not on Steam or GOG it’s not on my computer.

  5. Thanks for the honesty, but all that’ll get you is little bashing and flaming. Still won’t buy it, especially since the Abe’s Odyssey remake was kind of crap. Riding that creature while avoiding gun fire was a nightmare and much easier in the original.

  6. Imho this type of thing speaks rather loudly about devs confidence on their products. Oddworld isn’t some obscure new IP. It would’ve sold regardless.

    Take a good look at the Darq situation. Small indie dev releasing his debut game after rolling up his sleeves to learn to make games for almost 4 years, and somehow, he understands the resulting brand damage bound to happen for going for that EGS exclusive fat check.

    The man knows his game is quality, plus he’s probably also very well aware of the positive PR resulting from turning down Timmy Tencent’s offer. Even worse, Epic refused to sell a good game just because it wasn’t exclusive. Even if he hadn’t already announced his game on Steam, would it make sense in the long run for his company? Maybe in the short term, but how long can these smaller companies suck that Epic tit to make up for the negative PR associated with these exclusivity deals?

    If Epic actually gave a damn about these small devs, they wouldn’t be trying to corrale them under that EGS ecosystem while permanently staining their brand with their anti consumer stench.

    It isn’t about Steam either. It’s about Epic’s glaring contempt for consumer choice, and their relentless efforts to suppress it. I simply can’t bring myself to support a company that fails to understand why this strategy is far, FAR more damaging to the PC market than their feigned altruism would have us believe. Epic can go die in a fire, for all I care.

    Personally, I’d rather buy from GoG whenever I have the choice to do so. DRM free games are now more relevant than ever in a day and age where companies desperately attempt to eliminate actual ownership over the products we pay for.

    Props to the Oddworld guys for their honesty, but I won’t deny I’m still disappointed.

  7. 15quince15 on August 22, 2019 at 2:47 pm said

    A lot of people saying they understand but they still won’t buy it, not like they had an alternative. If they sold it on their own they would not make as much money there. If I am understanding what I am reading, they need the money now not eventually to be able to continue developing their game. Sure they could have gone with gog but still they do need the money now. I’ll still buy it since I like the oddworld games since, like many others, I had installed fortnite when it started gaining traction and I don’t really have any new data for epic to steal from me after initially downloading the launcher, if it even is true lmao.

  8. BrigandBoy on August 22, 2019 at 5:06 pm said

    Their honesty earns them my respect. Their handling of the announcement was professionally done. They gave respect, and so they get it in return.

    But that’s all they get from me until the game comes to GOG (or steam). I will never give a single red cent to Epic.

    And props to the guy above me (RAGman) for the term “Timmy Tencent.” That gave me a chuckle.

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