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Old School Pokémon Power Reserve Theme Deck

Pokémon Unite! With this Power Reserve deck, your Grass and Psychic Pokémon will come Swarm to each other’s aid!

Power Reserve is something of a strange Theme Deck when you get down to it. The name suggests holding back power for some later use, but in practice the deck is geared more towards spamming the field with low level Pokémon with a few heavy hitters in the bleachers. In fact, when we reach the point at which we discuss upgrading the deck, we’re almost encouraged to make a Do the Wave style deck, which frustrated players and tournament goers for quite a while back in the day.

With a strange combination of cards that don’t necessarily compliment each other until some changes have been made, the Power Reserve Theme Deck comes packing:

17 x Grass Energy

4 x Bellsprout

1 x Gloom

4 x Nidoran

2 x Nidorina

2 x Oddish

2 x Weepinbell

1 x Kengaskhan

11 x Psychic Energy

4 x Abra

1 x Jynx

2 x Kadabra

2 x Bill

2 x Gust of Wind

1 x Pokédex

3 x Potion

1 x Switch

So who are the standouts in this box and why? Well, like we saw in the Zap box, Kadabra and Jynx are both solid and dependable, so lets start there by reiterating what was said before.

Kadabra – The two Psychic Energy Recover ability asks that you remove 1 Psychic Energy to remove all damage counters from Kadabra. This means that if you have a handful of Psychic Energies, you can indefinitely keep Kadabra in play until your opponent hits it with a 60 damage attack or a 30 damage Psychic Attack, due to weakness. With Defender, Super Potion, and Potion in the deck, keeping Kadabra on the field would be simple, and Gust of Wind will allow you to blow away anyone strong enough to bring the pain. For one Energy more, you have Super Psy which deals a beefy flat 50 damage. The main drawback of this card, aside from building it up to this point, is that massive retreat cost of three Energy. Ouch.

Jynx – With 70HP, Jynx has staying power that’s amplified by the healing and defensive cards in the deck. Doubleslap for a single Psychic Energy and two coin flips isn’t great, but Meditate dong 20 damage plus 10 for each damage counter on Jynx opens up some powerful risk/reward playing, with a potential damage output of 80. Using Defender to lower incoming damage would allow you to bring Jynx close to death, and that’s when Meditate truly becomes useful. With a retreat cost of two, you could safely return a Jynx to your bench while retaining at least one Energy card, were you at Meditate level.

Kangaskhan – Kangaskhan is undoubtedly the heavyweight of the Power Reserve, but also an essential tool to facilitate high Energy output thanks to the Fetch ability. There are a couple of ways that you can go about using this card. You can keep it on the bench and stack Energy Cards onto it so that you can bring the Comet Punch to bear and hope for good coin tosses, or you can keep it on the field and use the high HP of 90 to tank hits while dropping potions on it every turn while you keep using Fetch to bulk up your hand. Kangaskhan has a fairly high retreat cost, so it’s best to make sure that when you play it, you want to keep it on the field.

Gloom – Jungle Set Gloom is an unconventional card if you’re not going to be evolving it into Vileplume, and given how this deck doesn’t contain a Vileplume, there’s only one way to play it. You build it up on the bench with two Grass Energy and wait until your opponent plays an high HP Pokémon, then you play Gloom and hit with Poisonpowder for a guaranteed status ailment. If you survive the attack that follows up, you hit with Foul Odor which deals 20 damage and confuses both Pokémon after damage is resolved. This leaves your target poisoned and confused, more than capable of taking themselves out in no time. If you survive the follow up attacks, just keep using Foul Odor until Gloom passes out. It’s like a limited seek and destroy sort of card.

According to the back of the Power Reserve box, “The goal of the Power Reserve deck is for your Pokémon to bring out more and more friends and family Pokémon with Nidoran, Bellsprout, and Oddish leading the charge. Then, once you’ve filled your bench, you can upgrade to Nidorina or Weepinbell, and Gloom to turn the tide in your favor! Use Jynx, Abra and Kadabra to back up your Grass Pokémon, and you’ll be victorious. To improve your deck, you need to collect some more Pokéon cards! Here’s one way to give this Power Reserve cdeck even more awesome Pokéon power. Wigglytuffs “Do the Wave” attack works very well with the Power Reserve theme – you can ensure that Wigglytuff will have five benched Pokémon to work with at all times!”


1 Gloom

2 Oddish

1 Jynx

1 Kangaskhan

1 Gust of Wind


4 Jigglypuff

2 Wigglytuff

Funnily enough, I’ve had to talk about the Wigglytuff “Do the Wave” deck strategy a few times now, such is its notoriety alongside the likes of the Haymaker and Rain Dance decks. Adding a Wigglytuff into this deck, as mentioned before, is a great addition.

Do the Wave – Another high damage output deck, but with a twist. Wigglytuff’s “Do the Wave” attack required three Energy cards of any type. The attack does 10 damage + 10 damage for each additional Pokémon you have on your bench. This means it can do a maximum of 60 damage, plus an additional 10 with Plus Power, while you fill your bench with chaff to facilitate your incredibly strong slap. Clever players however would fill the bench with Hitmonchan and Electabuzz, Haymaker style, so that when the Wigglytuff bites the dust they can revert to hard hitting low energy back-benchers who can pick and choose who they are fighting with Gust of Wind. A sacrificial Kangaskhan with the Fetch ability could also help draw cards that would help facilitate the strategy.

The Power Reserve Theme Deck is quite unstable in my opinion, lacking a clear focus and high level Pokémon. However, the adjustments mentioned above turn it into a psuedo-Do the Wave deck, which makes it an immediate threat. Not the best deck, but it sure has potential!